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2011/12 Student Finance Application - Returning or New Student??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by gaudium, Mar 23, 2011.

  1. Anyone come across this issue yet? Due to a glitch in the online loan application system (it won't recognise my course, grrr) I am having to use the paper form to apply. I don't have a problem with this, except that each time I have spoken to SF England this week, they have given me a different answer on whether I am counted as a new or returning student, and therefore I am still none the wiser as to which form to use!
    I will (hopefully) have time this weekend to download and read both forms thoroughly, which may answer the question for me, but if it anyone on here knows which form to use I'd be most grateful [​IMG]
    So far I have been told that because I have an existing account with them (ie I applied for loans for my degree) I count as a returning student,yet also - by a different guy - that I count as a new student as it is a new course. One adviser even told me that I couldn't apply for PGCE funding (!) but I know that is not the case......
    Ah, headache once again!
  2. I have the same issue It is a PN1 form we need to fill out for new students. Every person I have spoken to is unable to do this on-line, however the paper copies they are apparently sending on our request never seem to be arriving. I even got told that student finance applications aren't even open yet. The helpers seem to know nothing!
  3. Ah, wonderful [​IMG] Have you managed to fill in/send off this PN1 yet? I wasn't told I could request one to be sent to me - I was instead told to download and print them off from the website!!

  4. I was able to apply as a continuing student, for PGCE. It prompts you to enter the name of the university and then all the PGCE courses come up and you click on the one you are registered on. It will be far more complicated if you apply as a new student. I only have to resubmit my birth certificate as proof of identity and they are happy with all my financial info which they already have. Have another look.
  5. This is what I tried initially, but the problem was that my PGCE course did not come up, and SF couldn't find it on their system either when I phoned up. And re the continuing student form, all my financial information has changed since I graduated uni in 2007 - I am now classed as an independant student, so my mother's income is irrelevant.
    Thank you for your advice, I guess it must just depend on individual circumstances....
  6. Its all a bit confusing. I guess mine might be easier as I am just finishing my degree and doing my PGCE at the same university. Hope you get it sorted out soon, PGCE is stressful enough wthout all the financial worries. Good luck.
  7. You are a new student, regardless of whether you aredoing PGCE straight from your degree or at the same uni. It may affect the amount of support you get.
  8. If it helps anyone, I just spoke to a very helpful, switched on adviser at SF who gave me the following advice: Apply as a new student for any new course such as a PGCE, however it may suit some people to apply as a returning student if, for example, they are applying for a minimum loan and their circumstances have not changed.
    She also got on to UCAS/GTTR for me and found a way round the glitch in the system that will not recognise my university/course code.
  9. I applied as a returning student and have been told I am entitled to full maintenance loan, full tuition fees, a special support loan and a parents learning allowance and it has all gone through. I guess it must be different for each individual application. SF don't know what they are talking about most of the time!

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