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2009 KS2 SATs question analysis

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Vittoriamoon, Jul 3, 2009.

  1. Has anyone got a spreadsheet for this year's Y6 Maths' papers? In the past I've used Cornwall's or Lancashire's but I can't find anything on their websites. I know we are encouraged to use RAISEonline but my Head is the only one with a password and she didn't seem very keen. I want to try and get it done early next week before it becomes completely manic with leavers' events. I've found an English one and there is no point doing Science because it will be completely different next year.
  2. Brilliant. Thanks very much.
  3. I wouldn't bother with data analysis on this year's cohort. But, if you must, do analyse the Y5 Optional SATs and/or look for holes in the APP for Maths and Reading ready for next year. The cohort just gone won't help you on a different set of children.
  4. I agree entirely - there is nothing to be gained by analysing Sat tests.
    Unless, of course, something has gone very badly wrong and you need to identify gaps in the teaching.

  5. Hi. May I have a copy of the reading spreadsheet?

  6. no but could you tll me where to get the english analysis?
    Manjit kaur
  7. Hi - no I am still searching for one - will let you know if I find one!
  8. poolbabe

    poolbabe New commenter

    Hi has anyone found a science sats 09 analysis sheet
  9. Hi, can you help me? I was thrilled to find this link for SATs analysis for Maths 2009, but then very dispappointed to find that it does not work!When I open the file i just get a blank spread sheet. This is not the case with others e.g. Y5 optional SAT. Any suggestions would be appreciated!
  10. Thank you!
    It has saved me hours!

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