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2009/2010 PGCE Introductions

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by misscoles, Jul 13, 2009.

  1. Hi,
    I thought it would be good to set up a place for everyone starting a PGCE in september 2009 to introduce themselves, meet new people.
    My name is Sian and I'm starting a secondary science PGCE at Nottingham Trent University in september...really looking foward to it!
  2. Hi Sian and everyone else out there!
    I'm Peter, doing Secondary Biology PGCE at the University of Birmingham starting september. And like the rest of you probally are, very much looking forward to it!

  3. Hi Guys
    I'm Sunny and will be doing PGCE Secondary Music at Birmingham Citry University in Sept. Also cant wait to start!
  4. Hello everyone, my name is ThaiSon and I will be doing a PGCE Secondary Maths at Nottingham Trent this September as well. I am having a 2 months holiday to prepare for next year. can't wait either
  5. Hello all, I'm Jane and I am doing Secondary MFL at Leeds University. Looking forward to meeting everyone.
  6. Hello everyone
    I'm doing a Primary SCITT PGCE based in the North-West - excuse me if I don't give my name etc as I don't want to be traceable online - I'll just be signing as J or Pol ...
    Any other primary people out there?
  7. Hi - I'm Helen and I'll be starting the Secondary Science (Biology) PGCE at Leeds University. Currently busying myself buying stationery and books, and looking forward to September!
  8. Greetings all!
    Am also going to be doing music PGCE at Birmingham City Uni. Sunny, where have you graduated from? I've graduated (although technically the ceremony is the day after tomorrow!) from Uni of Birmingham.
    Here's to a busy but fun year- good luck everyone!
  9. Hi everyone. It's exciting to be posting on the Student Teachers forum!
    I'm doing Secondary Art & Design but I'd rather not say exactly where other than SW. (I probably accidentally said it at some point but oh well.) I'm so excited to start and it feels like it's been ages coming (got accepted in Dec) and now I can't think or talk about anything else!
    I'm still waiting for info from my uni, all I've got so far is a reading list, and the wait is making me go crazy! Good luck everyone.
  10. Hi Fuzzy Kit
    I graduated 3 years ago from leeds metropolitan university. Will be moving to birmingham in aug/sept although i havent even started looking for accomodation yet!
    I'm struggling with the HBSE and Diagnostic Assignment they sent me. Need get used to writing essay again. Looking forward to starting the course though.
  11. Hello everyone,
    I am starting a PGCE in design and technology somewhere in London.
    Good luck everyone, it will be tough but with this lovely forum I'm sure we'll succeed and become great teachers :)
  12. Hello!
    I'm starting a Secondary Maths PGCE at Exeter Uni.
    I'm excited but feeling quite nervous. I'm loving having to buy new stationery/books etc it's like being back at school again!! [​IMG]
    Good luck with the start of your courses!!
  13. Hi everyone!
    I am also starting music PGCE at BCU in september!! look forward to meeting you sunny and fuzzy!!
    Sunny I also am having a hard time getting back into essays, haven't done one for 3 years! Looking forward to September, though a bit nervous too!
  14. Hi all!
    I'm starting a secondary maths PGCE at University of Nottingham this September!
  15. Hello everyone :)
    I'm also starting the PGCE general Primary at Birmingham City Uni in September.
    So excited to start now, it's unreal :p
    Attempting to search for books off my reading list at the mo, rather tricky as they're so expensive and I am pretty poor lol!
  16. I'm doing secondary science (chemistry) through the OU so I'm about halfway through my course.
    Good luck everyone!
  17. Hey all,
    I'm doing a Seconday ICT PGCE at Nottingham Trent University this September. Looking forward to getting back to uni but most of all finally starting my PGCE, although a bit apprehensive at the same time. It's been 3 years since I graduated from Loughborough Uni, so getting backing into the academic reading/essay writing swing of it will be a challenge.
    Posting in the Students Teachers forum is like nearly starting! [​IMG]
  18. HI Mark, Someone else starting at trent, see you around
  19. Hi all,

    I am beginning a Primary PGCE placement in September with Somerset SCITT! I cannot wait for the challenge and to finally get closer to that NQT status! Add me as a friend if you like!
  20. Sunny and Samulon, good luck with the assignments! Took me a while to get back into academic writing too.
    And good luck in finding accomodation, Sunny- there are usually always a few good places available for whenever you need to move in, but there is no time like the present when it comes to looking. =)
    To the general public: is it me, or does it seem like the news is trying to put us newcomers to the teaching proffession off with all these recent stories about children incriminating teachers? =P

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