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2008 SATS Marking

Discussion in 'English' started by sophie_123, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. Have just had a call asking me if I would be willing to mark an extra amount of scripts! I would get your application in if I were you!
  2. as far as I've been taught, SATs is an abbreviation for statutary assessment tests and is the correct abbreviation for ks2 and ks3 otherwise why do all teachers know and recognise it and who changed it to national curriculum tests?

  3. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    You've been misinformed, debi2. National tests in the U.K. have never been s-anything a-anything t-anythings. It's a myth. Our tests have always been national curriculum tests ever since they started. The official, correct and sensible abbreviation is "NCTs".

    The explanation you've been fed is just one of many guesses as to the origin of the nickname.

    No one in this country has ever had a contract to mark "SATS" or "SATs" or even "Sats". If anyone says they have, just ask them to show it to you.

  4. *knew you'd come in from the wilderness for that one, markuss* :)
  5. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    He hasn't been on the ? thread, though ;-)
  6. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    Was hoping it would disappear!

    Didn't bother correcting earlier - thought by now everyone knew it was just a bit of idle and ignorant slang.

    But "statutary assessment test"!!! Really.

    Who could make this rubbish up? How many are still taken in by it?
  7. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    It makes "Port Out - Starboard Home" seem really sensible.

    And that was just someone's idea of a joke.
  8. :)@markuss

    Ok, folks, I'm getting worried...I posted off my contract in the envelope that wasn't big enough to fit everything inside....and I've waited and waited to be told when/where...and I've still had nothing. Have you all heard? Have I been left out in the cold again? :-(
  9. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    I sent my contract off in Feb and haven't heard anything yet!!!

  10. phew..not just me being ignored then, v :)
  11. Team leaders only found out the location of their meeting last week, the date of the markers' training is 10/5, there is a list of locations (not venues) on www.makingamark.org.uk.
  12. delenn

    delenn New commenter

    I still don't know the location of the TL meeting for English reading. Does any one know?
  13. Hi first time marker for KS3 Writing, received my contract this morning.

    I was just wondering how much money(after tax)/ turnaround time and how many papers I should expect to receive!
  14. You get around 650 scripts, which includes a reading booklet and shakespeare paper. I've done it for the previous 3 years and usually clear about £1200, including training fees and borderlining.

    You will be a bit of a hermit for 6 weeks but the money and experience are worth it.
  15. Hi, I too am a first time marker (reading) and I was wondering... Do I need to 'swot up' on my Shakespeare texts? From which plays did schools have the choice of this year? In fact - which were the set scenes? I know that what's needed will be covered in the mark schemes but I feel that I should re-familiarise myself beforehand.
    I'm a little nervous as I haven't taught year nine for a year or so!
    Can you smell my fear??
  16. ...I'm still waiting :-( Is everybody else waiting too, or you got your details/meeting venue etc etc?
  17. This might be a really stupid question but I have been told I will be marking KS3 Writing, Shakespeare is part of the Reading paper is it not?

    missyh1979- Is that £1200 after tax or before? I am moving house so am trying to work out how much I can spend on my credit card!!
  18. Writing - renumeration much the same as quoted for reading on similar number of scripts - that's about 1200 after tax usually.
  19. I have just applied online thinking that I could mark next year and have been approved for this year. I have my contract to sign via email within days. I have yet to send it back. Will I then get info on training etc?
  20. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    imy9 - you should get around 650 writing papers = 1300 answers (650 LWT and 650 SWT)

    However, you are allocated the entries - not the papers, and someone is always absent/new students have appeared.
    Some pupils will have completed only one task (All this applies to reading, too). You usually end up with fewer than your allocation, but can apply for extra scripts if you want them once you have been cleared to mark by your TL.

    I STILL haven't had a bluddy contract! Bin marking for yonks.

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