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2008 SATS Marking

Discussion in 'English' started by sophie_123, Feb 17, 2008.

  1. I'm due to mark Eng KS3 Writing paper - could an old hand tell us - how many papers can be realistically marked in an hour by someone new to the job? What are the disadvantages of doing this job?

    Unlike most of those people who provide training courses for teachers, I like to hear the negative view. I feel, like Fanny Burney, that "to reduce expectation is to increase happiness."
  2. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    I find it easier to mark by task. Stops all that flipping around the mark scheme and the marks for the LWT don't prejudice those for the SWT.

    It also makes it marginally less tedious.

    You should manage 8-10 responses in an hour when you start. I reckon to be able to do 20 when I'm up to speed.
  3. Oi Vshell - I'm very studious I'll have you know ;)
    And I'm going to tell Markuss you called them 'SATs'!!!
  4. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    we have a name for people who tell!! ;0)

    anyway you refer to them as 'you know..' aswell and I'm gonna get more gold starts than you to!!

    Joking aside - I'm wetting my pants every time I think about marking!!

  5. You will be fine - I remember feeling exactly the same way before I started GCSE marking, and it was ok in the end. You will get lots of support from your team leader (as well as our lovely mentor!) and you will probably feel much better about it all after the training meeting.

    I've found with GCSE, and I imagine it to be the same with the NCTs, that it's the admin that's the biggest stress rather than the actual marking. Takes ages and lots of effective organisation.

    Oh, and I want to be teacher's pet so I will tell on you :p
  6. :) I love competitive students! I can see I am going to have to be generous with my gold stars with you two!
  7. dhart1234

    dhart1234 New commenter

    Received contract this morning thanking me for 'updating my details in response to previous emails' (I didn't & they didn't: it's my first application) and based on my performnce last year (didn't even teach yr9 let alone mark test papers). Hmmm doesn't bode well does it? Ah well, guess the fun starts here. Now to try and fit the thing into the envelope! (I shall dust off the iron and press it flat!)
  8. vshell

    vshell New commenter

    MrsFL - I present you with an apple in exchange for the 1st gold star.

    How long after you mark do you get paid!!

    Also interested in marking GCSE (I teach both Aqa B and have just started this year teaching WJEC) - how do I apply and what is the money like (got a son just off to Uni in Sept so in need of extra funds!!)

  9. New lot this year, so hard to say when we'll get paid; but if the pilot was anything to go by, don't hold your breath!
    You may well be too late for GCSE this year, but if you apply your application would stand for next year. I think AQA B Lit are fairly desperate for markers though!
  10. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    Oh good grief - I've had to re-apply!

    Nice lady at ETS, though.
  11. vshell...usually about 6 weeks after the final deadline date in July...but, who knows really! I've only ever marked NCT. I did once try GCSE (and it was WJEC Eng Lit) but I wouldn't want to do that again. I aim to double whatever script allocation they want to give me, and earn tons on this instead. I've a daughter hopefully off to Uni this year too!
    ps Thanks for the apple :)
  12. Owlish - the only real downside is that after 650 papers (or actually long before the 650th) you want to cut your throat if you see the same mistake again or if you ever have to read this stuff again. The first year I marked it was only 500, which was more manageable.

    The boredom, especially with Shakepeare is the only real downside ( and no May holiday!)

  13. sophie_123

    sophie_123 New commenter

    Finally... I've got my contract. Have just signed and sent it off. I had started to think they'd completely forgotten me (sniff!).
  14. delenn

    delenn New commenter

    I got 3 contracts- 2 for marking, 1 for TL. Hope this is going to go well. I know when my meeting dates are but not the venues.
  15. TLs started to get their meeting details last week, so yours should arrive soon.
  16. delenn

    delenn New commenter

    I rang ETS when I received my 3rd contract and asked about meeting venues and was told that they hadn't been finalised. I just need to know because I don't drive and have to arrange transport and also childcare arrangements. Do all the TLs go to 1 place? I'm marking reading by the way.
  17. TL meetings are in London.
  18. I am first time marker for KS2 this year. How hard is it really? I teach KS2 so have an idea of what they are capable of. How long does it take to mark each one (approx)?
  19. I've thought about being a marker for Key satge 2 to earn a bit of holiday money. Can anyone tell me who I should get in touch with, I know it's probably too late for this year. How well paid is it?
  20. Quoting from another forum ...
    "It's about 3.70 per script and for that you have to do the reading booklet, spelling test, long writing and short writing.The standard allocation is 300 scripts, so after tax you'll make maybe £800 ish."

    KS2 marking has been contracted to a new company this year and they are still recruiting. A friend applied at the end of March and has just had references taken up.
    to fill in an application form after visiting the
    site as mentioned above.

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