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2005 KS2 SATs Analysis Grids

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by emmahall, Oct 30, 2011.

  1. I'm doing some past SATs papers with my Year 6s next week and have been told to do 2005 but can't find any decent analysis grids! Please help! I particularly want maths and science but reading would also be useful.
  2. Just found a good maths one from Lancsgfl, can anyone help with science? Or reading?
  3. Does lancs not have the ones for Englidh too? The 2005 is a ropey test, just to warn you!
  4. I can only find maths. REALLY need science. I'm finding the children are getting much higher levels than I expected, is that what you meant by ropey?
  5. Hi
    I'm picking this thread up a year down the road. Lancsngfl now charges £100 for access to these resources. Do you know how I can get hold of the Y6 2005 Maths analysis grid elsewhere?
    Many thanks

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