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2001 KS2 Level 6 Extension Mark Scheme for English...

Discussion in 'Primary' started by teddymummy, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. I have a copy if you let me know where to post or scan/email
  2. Hi, I'd be really grateful if you could send me a copy of the mark scheme too - have trawled the internet but without success.
    My email address is: swelsh@gorseybank.net
    Many thanks.
  3. I don't suppose I could have an email with that mark scheme also? :D
  4. Please could you send me a copy of the Right to Roam Text Booklet, I have the questions and the marking scheme, but I can't find the other part. My email address is buzzdog99@gmail.com.

    Many thanks
  5. Hi, i know this post is ages ago, but i don't suppose anyone has the mark scheme on email do they?

    is you do my email is pickarz01@leedslearning.net


  6. Hi

    I'm trying to find a copy of Right to Roam and would be so grateful if you could email me a copy. My email address is jlittlechilds@hotmail.co.uk

    Thank you so much
  7. Hi - I'm also looking for a copy of the Right to Roam booklet and marking scheme. If anyone has it can they please email it to crusoe@tesco.net. For Level 6 practice. Many Thanks
  8. Hi can any of you please email me a copy of the mark scheme. I can't believe that it isn't on the net. I've spent hours trawling, but the only reference to it that I have found is this. Please email a copy to me at mcawley@st-johnfisher.coventry.sch.uk. Many thanks.
  9. if you could send me a copy as well! that would be amazing

  10. if someone could forward a copy of the mark scheme to

    spilsted_k@hotmail.com I would very much appreciate it! (so would my kids!)
  11. I don't suppose I would be able to nab a copy of Right to Roam Mark Scheme could I? I have the texts but no answers. Also, I don't suppose you have a copy of the mark scheme for Puzzles do you?

    My email is littleme_69@hotmail.com

    Thank you so much - sorry to be an inconvenience.
  12. Hi

    I too urgently need mark scheme for Right to Roam. My e mail is karengoodby@googlemail.com.

    Thanks so much.
  13. decj

    decj New commenter

    Hi All,

    On a different subject, I have previously posted to say that I am looking for a copy of the Level 6 paper, 'Hare's Choice' from way back. Nobody has replied so far. Can anybody help please?

    Thanks loads. :)
  14. Hi guys, could someone email me a copy of the Right to Roam mark scheme and level threshold? Due to mark practise SATs and just discovered we don't have a copy of the mark scheme!! argh! My email address is leanne2407@yahoo.co.uk :) x

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