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20 Minute Teaching Observation

Discussion in 'Primary' started by hearnshaw86, Mar 18, 2012.

  1. I have been shortlisted for a post at a school and have been asked to have a teaching observation in the next few weeks. The observation is 20 minutes long and the only information I have is that it will be with around 12 year 4/5/6 children for a 20 minute session. Please choose your own areas of the curriculum.

    I have not had a proper teaching observation before as I am an NQT and I was lucky enough to be asked to stay on at the school where I had my final PGCE placement. I'm not too sure what I should aim to achieve in 20 minutes and I presume the starter/plenary go out of the window? If anyone has any ideas of what I could do, or something they have done in a similar situation it would be much appreciated.

    I am aware I will need to ring the school and ask for more information on the students, but do I presume the observation will take place in a classroom?

    Many thanks
  2. I would make sure your starter and plenary were very obvious, rather than letting them go out of the window! Obviously, they will be short and in proportion to the rest of the lesson, but you will still need to show a good intro. which allows you to quickly assess existing skills/knowledge/undertsanding, so you can adjust your groups accordingly.
    The plenary will also need to show some element of "rounding up" and some self/peer assessment.
  3. Thanks for the reply, i'm really worried about time as i'm presuming 20 minutes will fly by. I am also a little confused with the 'choose your own area of the curriculum'. Is this 'the norm' for teaching observations or will most schools specify a subject and topic?
  4. I think there are lots of different ways used by different schools to interview people, although I've always been given a little more guidance than that!
  5. Hi, i remember my first interview as an nqt and it was also 20 mins! Because you dont have a specialist subject i would just go for one that you have particular interest in. For my obs i did a singing lesson. Starter was really quick (breathing exercises and talking in different voices e.g. talking / whispering / american / italian). I then taught them a call and answer song (you sing a question; they sing the answer) and we practiced that toegther then i split them into groups where they used the same song only they changed the tune of the song. I quickly went round each group to ensure they knew what they were doing / give suggestions and then I selected 2 ch from each group to perform (gave them sticky labels saying 'PERFORMER' on them). For the plenary, the performers performed their tune chnage and i selected children to give them 2 stars and a wish! I throught that avoided the issues with differentiation as children are usually better at things like art / music / pe in mixed ability. Anyway, I got the job and was told it was a very brave lesson! They might not expect you to teach a lesson like this and chances are, a lot of teachers wont teach music on a weekly basis so it will be refreshing! Good luck! XXX


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