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20 minute interview lesson

Discussion in 'English' started by CharlieM87, Jul 2, 2011.

  1. First off, I apologise if I've posted this in the wrong forum - it's my first one, and I wasn't sure if interview threads belonged somewhere other than the subject?

    Anyhoo, on with the topic. I've just finished my PGCE at the IoE andI have a 20 minute lesson to teach at a boys' school on Tuesday to a fast track Year 7 group on 'World Literature'. I have a rough plan in my head already, but would like some advice on a few things, if possible.

    I'd like to do it around the topic of 'identity' as it's a very multi-cultural school (I've just been given the boy's ethnicities, not their names!). Was thinking a quick starter on that, followed by a short Zephaniah poem and discussion around it (to do with the persona's seeming 'clash' of cultures). The thing I'm a little stuck on is how to demonstrate their learning in such a short space of time. The lesson I have in mind would be great in a full-length lesson, but I am stuck on what to do that's more 'concrete', so to speak.

    I was thinking getting them to write their own short poem based on their answers to the starter, but it would only give them around 5 minutes or so and seems cumbersome imposing criteria on them in given that. The lesson I have is more to do with 'exploring' the issue rather than 'the pupils have demonstrated that they have learned X, Y and Z today', which may not go down too well.

    Sorry for the long post! Any advice would be much appreciated. I've had another interview, but that was a 50 minute lesson, which is what I'm used to. (EDIT: Does anyone know how to input proper paragraphs? It looks a mess at the moment! :/)
  2. If anyone's interested, this is the poem I had in mind:

    "His parents feed him rice and peas
    And fancy looking greens
    Sometimes they give him nuts and seeds
    And various string beans
    They also give him channa dhal
    Tomato soup and pike
    But Jaguar just says loud and clear
    "It's pizza that I like.""

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