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2 year Spanish GCSE Course

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by violet64, Dec 1, 2011.

  1. violet64

    violet64 New commenter

    I too am in the same boat and without scheme. I am not even a Spanish specialist! Sorry I do not have what you need but wondered whether we could swap " useful hint and tips" My lot are a nice bunch but are finding it hard to retain things as we cover them relatively quickly. Which controlled assessments are you doing? That has shaped my planing but I need to put something on paper, I think! Which books are you using?
  2. slick

    slick New commenter

    Similar boat also.... third language is Spanish and GCSE in 2 years. Since September:
    using Mira express BUT VERY loosely...
    First 6 lessons.... tener + age (numbers), hair, eyes, colours (adjectival agreement), pets, penci case items
    Then ser + adjectives.. describe self, jobs...
    Then present tense verbs... then irregular verbs... present tense
    Then poder + places in town.... se puede....
    Then near future....
    Then poder + infinitive, querer + inf, ir + inf, opinions + infinitive
  3. I have been teaching GCSE Spanish in two years for the last eight years. We used to use Listos 3 rojo but now use Mira (for GCSE). I have made powerpoints based on Listos 1 to introduce the basics very quickly and have covered regular and irregular verbs. What I have found is they need to know grammar well to start writing paragraphs. With my Year 10s they have not yet covered any other tense. My Year 11s have covered, present, preterite, imperfect, near future, future, perfect, conditional and we have touched on the subjunctive, It is 'doable' but a lot of work for both you and the pupils.
    I have done healthy living and holidays with previous groups. Current Year 11 have done school and holidays.
    Relationships and school with previous groups. Current Year 11 have done healthy living and will be doing relationships.
    I found it important to do at least one piece of controlled coursework in Year 10 (summer term) and the other three pieces as soon as possible in Year 11. I am planning to get all four completed by Feb half term so that I can cover the last few topics and 'blitz' vocab and do lots of practice papers.
    Hope this helps :)
  4. Si deseáis más información en la enseñanza del idioma español os puedo echar una mano.
    Podéis escribirme a mi email o visitar mi blog: versos de luzazul
  5. Thank you for your responses, very help-full =)

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