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2 weeks till interview!!!! How is everyone doing??

Discussion in 'Thinking of teaching' started by nicole_lancaster, Feb 16, 2011.

  1. I've got an interivew with Wansworth School Consortium and I am really trying hard to prepare.
    It is a half day session and made up of having to do a reading exercise and english and maths test. I also have to prepare a summary of a current educational issue!!! arghhh!!!
    Is there anyone out there who's done something similar recently to tell me what I'm up against???!
    Any tips will be really and greatly appreciated
  2. Hi Nicole,
    I am in the same position, I have been offered an interview at Wandsworth SCITT too and have no idea what to expect - my interview is on the 15th March. I have been refreshing my maths as it is a bit rusty and have been trying really hard to prepare stuff on a current educational issue but am finding it quite hard! At least we are in a similar position, would be nice to get some tips from this forum post/replies...!
    Good Luck!
  3. Wow Congratulations!!
    My interview is on March 2nd and I'm a bit anxious to be honest. I'm looking at bbc bitesize to help with the revision and trying to think of possible interview questions!!
    Yep that current educational issue is a difficult one but i guess we have to remember that it has to be brief...
  4. I have been on BBC bitesize too!! Its so helpful [​IMG] I googled possible teacher training interview questions, and it came back with quite a few good websites with possible interview questions. I guess you have heard about the lack of bursay this year for primary teacher training, its rubbish that they have scrapped it this year - mega saving for me this year in the hope that I even get passed the interviews! Fingers crossed!

  5. i thought that wasn't for certain?? oh dear!! i better start saving!!!
    I don't know about you but the more i look at questions the more nervous i get - i see good questions and i try writing answers to them then i'll find anothre list and its all a bit much! I'm trying to stay positive though but still struggling with current issue. it would be great if someone who's also applied to wandsworth come forward to increase the brainstorm
  6. Hi, I also have an interview for the Wandsworth SCITT on the 2nd March, i'm so glad to see there are other people on here in the same boat! I've been doing a ridiculous amount of reading on so many different things that I think my mind is now a confused mess of current educational issues!
    I would say though not to worry too much about the Maths and English tests (watch me eat my words in a week and a half). I've recently had an interview for a TA job and had to do similar tests and they weren't too bad at all. It was just remembering how to do long division that got me, but the English bit was just to read an article about Pompeii and then answer some basic questions on it. I've been told by a teacher friend of mine that the discussion on an educational issue is more to see how well you come across rather than what you're talking about. It's to make sure you're confident, fluent and so on so she did say not to stress too much about the topic we choose, but if it's an issue you actually care about you will come across better. I don't know if i've helped you guys out at all with what i've written, as I'm just the same and ridiculously nervous about it and don't really know what to expect!
    Good Luck with all the prep.
  7. Hey allyparry,
    Your info was really helpful. I feel the same way!!
    My interview is the same day as yours at 9am!! is yours the same time - just ryingf to gauge if its a group thing or not as it didn't say in my letter...
    I typed up my prep and now I have a week and a bit to learn and memorise it - I just hope something sticks in my head and it doesn't all vanish the minute I open my mouth!! I get so nervous at interviews so I really have to work on not muttering/ waffling too much...
    See you next week!!! :->
  8. Hey, well mines at 9:30, don't think that helps answer whether there's any group elements or not but looks like I will see you there though!
    I'm terrible in interviews too, my mind goes blank and I never say what I want to say but I'm sure they'll be understanding of that and that everyone gets nervous.
    Roll on next week...eek!!

  9. Hi allparry,

    OMG - its not long now...how are you doing? I'm tryingnot to get stressed over it. We will all be fine!!!!
    Just read my letter again and I have to be there for 9.30 also!!! So looks like I will be seeing you there after all.
    Good luck to us all!

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