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2 transition days

Discussion in 'Primary' started by academicallyblonde, Jun 22, 2015.

  1. academicallyblonde

    academicallyblonde New commenter

    I have been asked to do an additional half day transition, as well as the full transition day that we normally do. I am struggling to find enough ideas to fill the time. Does anyone have any ideas or could point me in the direction of any useful resources? I would like to do Maths and Literacy in the mornings, ideally something that carries on across the two mornings. I would also like to do something that can be made into a display for September. They will be Year 5/6 (currently Year 4/5).
  2. Their ambitions/goals for the year or a letter to themselves of what they hope will happen in the years. Decorate a box to put them in and they can have them back in the end of the year.

    And/or draw around hand and write inside it their goals for the year or what they're good at (possibly one on each side) stick next to paper branches as leaves. ooh and theres the - everyone write your name on your piece of paper, every one walk around and write what you like about each person anonymously.

    You could have science investigation over the two days. Or something to research and present ingroups? Pick your favourite nonmath/lit subject and do an off the wall lesson with it :D

    I have a transition day with year 1 next week and no clue what to do as my last class was year 6

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