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2 teacher school

Discussion in 'Headteachers' started by abmiss, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Any positive advice for somone thinking about applying for headship of a 2 teacher Scottish school (not particlarly remote, also recently inspected) ?

  2. Any positive advice for somone thinking about applying for headship of a 2 teacher Scottish school (not particlarly remote, also recently inspected) ?

  3. anon2799

    anon2799 New commenter

    I've no experience of working in Scotland but I did a stint in a very small
    School first as class teacher then as acting head, although I'm going back over 13 years now. To give you some context: My school was 2 class and on the point of closure (15 pupils) when I left we had 75 pupils and 3 classes.
    As a young teacher it gave me shedloads of experience, I was only 2 years out of training when I took on the senior teacher post and I learned so much. You have to be all things to all people, the expectations are the same as in a large school. You have to wear a lot of different hats and it's challenging.
    the positives for me were the wealth of experience it brought me in a very short time, I loved the feeling of being part of a "family" and the relationships were great.
    Negatives were - if you don't get on with a child/ parent there's no escape for years! Workload was phenomenal, you have to be an expert in all areas and constantly juggle and the stint as acting head told me it wasn't for me, youre effectively doing 2 jobs, head and teacher and I never felt like I did either properly. I used to spend most Sundays in school trying to catch up on paperwork.

    Also in tough economic times small schools can be vulnerable.
    That said, I know some people who have done it for years and wouldn't do anything else.
    A colleague of mine wasn't sure about small schools so arranged to shadow a headteacher friend for tue day, you might find that useful.
  4. Agree with all the above. Practical ways to cope include training your class TA to be brilliant so if you are called he/she stands in seamlessly. The teaching load is challenging with all the other demands so having a really well organised classroom helps and well trained class who know where everything is and are trained to mount their own work, help cover staff, peer marking etc. help you a great deal. I taught YR to y6 in small schools and found y4/5/6 easiest as Head and less tiring. Employing a bursar once a month to do all the reconciling and to go through the budget with you line by line saves alot of time. Keep gov meetings short and to the point. Protect some time in the week when you are not available and your office door is shut or work off site for a half day. Do make sure you get PPA and mark books in rotation. Try and keep fit and healthy and don't forget to eat- sounds obvious but easy to let these things go under stress!! Good luck, lots of fun too and opportunities for learning as a whole school.

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