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2 interviews on the same day

Discussion in 'Jobseekers' started by cshanks, May 14, 2011.

  1. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    I am in the lucky position to have 2 interviews in the same day, there is not class of timing as one is in the morning and the 2nd is just the interview at 2.30pm. I have a preferred school and it is the first interview of the day. Do I tell them I have another interview? What do I do with the phone calls?
    thanks for any advice
  2. anon8315

    anon8315 Established commenter

    have you checked - I only ask as that is quite unusual, most school interviews are whole day affairs and begin in the morning.
    If the school you prefer is the first school, just see if they offer you the job or not and if they do ring up the other school and explain [​IMG]
  3. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    yes I did check, I got the interview for my second choice school first and the interview is across 2 day obs being on Tuesday and interview on the Thursday. When I got the 2nd letter I had to ring to confirm and asked how long the process would be as I had another interview in the afternoon and would need to change/amend arrangements. the deputy head told me it would be over in 2hours. I was given a detailed timetable illustrating timing, the lesson obs is only 15min. My experience of interviews has always been 2 day things.
  4. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    If it was me, and I might well be wrong, I would say at the very end of the interview (When they ask if you would still be interested in the post) that I was very keen to work in their school and it was definitely my first choice. But also say that I had another interview in the afternoon and if that school were to offer me the post first I would obviously have to accept, despite it not being my first choice.

    Just sort of make it clear that you aren't daft enough to say no to a second choice on the off chance you might get your first. But make it equally clear that they are your first choice.

    Oh and make sure you are their first choice as well! They might even ring you and offer you the post before you even have to go to the second choice interview!

    Good Luck!
  5. It's really tough to work out what to do (and still maintain integrity) isn't it? [​IMG] I have the same scenario, but various interviews over the space of a week. I think if your first interview is the one you really want, that puts you in a good position really- you can always ask the second school for a few hours to consider it if they offer you a job on the spot?
  6. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    yeah, I think I'm just going to be honest, the school do know I have another interview. So I think I'm going to take the good advice and say that I am a firm candidate but I do have another interview in the afternoon but stress that they are my preferred choice. My second interview isn't till 2.30pm so hopefully they ring back first.
  7. cally1980

    cally1980 Established commenter

    Im in a similar situation, 2 interviews in one day. They are both amazing schools and I genuinely do not know which I would be happier at were I in the lucky situation of being able to choose. I cant really say (when asked if I would accept a job offer if it were given) that I have another interview and want to wait until I see how that goes, as that will make it sound like the first is a second choice (it isnt!) but I would rather make an informed decision after experiencing the interviews at both.

    Is that unreasonable? Will it look bad on my part? What if I were to offend the first and not get the second! What is the protocol?

  8. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    well I have just had the lesson observation for one of them, have the formal interview Thursday pm. But just found out that they are interviewing Friday as well as they have at least 2 posts that I know about. Which I'm assuming means the decision wont be made until Friday. So looks like I should find one out Thursday and one Friday, just have to see what happens.
  9. cshanks

    cshanks New commenter

    typical just had a phone call asking to interview me on Thursday but obviously can't do it :(

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