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1st placement

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by acartney, Dec 29, 2011.

  1. Hi
    Im starting my first placement in January and im getting nervous/ stressed, is there anything in particular that i should be doing to prepare for it? im trying to improve my subject knowledge but its still keeping me awake at 4am. any tips or advice would be a massive help.

  2. Hi Alex
    I am starting my second placement (first assessed) in January.
    Are you doing primary or secondary?
    There is a range of books called achieving QTS which have really good information re. subject knowledge and can be found in your uni library. I know it's hard because you want to be the best you can be but it really isn't worth staying up until 4am using vital energy reserves on subject knowledge. You are going to be absolutely drained if you carry this on whilst on placement and you need to ask yourself, how much are you exactly going to improve your subject knowledge if you are shattered and still awake at 4am.
    Try to relax a little bit (easier said than done). I found that making sure all my clothes for the week are washed and ironed for Sunday night and ready for me to just slip on in a morning. This saves massive amounts of time. I also made sure that my things were organised the night before because believe me when you overlay and your school is 45 mins away you don't want to be rushing round gathering everything for the lessons you are teaching that day.
    Again easier said than done but don't try to worry too much about your placement. I have been very lucky and have been placed in a magnificent school but have found that as the placement goes on you become more confident because you are learning and then putting it into practice.
    I have said it before and begin to sound like a broken record but try to be organised as much as you can. I have storage boxes with lists taped to the inside of the lid so I know exactly what is in that box. It is really convenient when you desperately need a resource/book or even some sellotape.
    Go into your placement with your eyes and mind wide open. Be a sponge and soak everything up that your teacher is willing to tell you and utilise it. They are obviously telling you this as it may help you in the future. Be the basics - friendly, approachable, punctual, willing and you will be fine.
    I remember how I felt in June before I started and even though I am only on my second placement I feel I have learned enough to help others already and you will feel the same at the end of this placement.
    Good luck, relax and you will be fine. There should also be some uni lectures which will help to improve your subject knowledge. I know at my uni they give sessions on how to use different methods in maths as different people grasp maths in different ways and this definitely helped to improve the knowledge of some of my fellow trainees.

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