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1998 Year 3 Optional Sats

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cocoonbarbie, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hi we used this test today and have since realised we don't have the mark scheme. Could you please fax it to 01604 711461 for the attention of year 3! Thanks!
  2. I am due to do this test tomorrow and do not have the teachers' guide and mark scheme for Smells Good. If anyone can help I would be very grateful. Please email to awheeler@theharefieldacademy.org. Thank you
  3. Did you find the mark scheme?
  4. juw73

    juw73 New commenter

    Hello, I was wondering if you still had the mark scheme for smells the year 3 optional sats test 1998? I don't have a fax number unfortunately, but I have an email address? Thanks
  5. juw73

    juw73 New commenter

    Hello, I noticed that you (hopefully) had the answer booklet emailed to you, I was wondering if you would be able to email the book to me? Have done the test and suddenly realised I only have half of the booklet for marking. Thanks
  6. kimfinnigan16

    kimfinnigan16 New commenter

    Hi if possible could you send me a copy of the Smells Good Optional SATS paper this would be really helpful as the previous copy I had got destroyed.
    I am due to administer the test next week.
    Thanks in advance
  7. summlard

    summlard New commenter

    1998? Isn't this a little out of date? There is a whole new curriculum! Yes it might be good practice to do something like this in test conditions, but I'm sure there are better materials than something written 18 years ago!
    Northhead likes this.
  8. shishmat

    shishmat New commenter

    Have been looking for the teachers guide for Smells Good and noticed your post on TES. Have managed to get the levels but don't have the answers. If you still have it, I would appreciate the whole set s_hishmat@hotmail.com
  9. Northhead

    Northhead Occasional commenter

    Little dumbstruck by all this. A 1998 paper is not all relevant to 2016 in terms of difficulty, content or questions. Even the updated optionals (from around 2006?) would be better but even then not much use.

    People should consider what they want from their tests but giving Y3 a near 20 year old Y3 paper is pointless.

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