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1998 Year 3 Optional Sats

Discussion in 'Primary' started by cocoonbarbie, Apr 2, 2009.

  1. Hi guys, We are absolutely desperate for a copy of the mark scheme booklet for the 'Smells Good' reading test. Our Year 3's have done the others to death and really want to give them a change.

    Our school fax number is 01604 812764

    and my email is dlaughton@ebjs.northants.sch.uk.

    We would be eternally grateful if someone could find the time to send us this - only need the reading test scheme and thresholds for levells as we are not doing the spelling or writing parts of the test.

    Many thanks, Duncan
  2. Autumn87

    Autumn87 New commenter

    If anyone still has the mark scheme, I would really appreciate it if you could fax it to me: 020 8905 9429

    Someone out there must still have a copy...! Thank you very much
  3. I realise this is an old thread but if anyone has a copy of reading mark scheme for 1998 (smells good) I would love a copy my email is c.bills@southwark.nottingham.sch.uk many thanks
  4. Did anyone manage to get a copy and fancies taking pity on stressed out year 3 teacher by sending me a copy of the mark scheme?

    If so it's marie_1985@live.co.uk

    Thanks x
  5. Did anyone manage to get the marking scheme for this? If so, please could you email me a copy too?!


    Thanks in advance! :)
  6. Hi,

    Does anyone have an electronic version of the 1998 Y3 Maths paper please?

    Would be really grateful if you could email it to mattdavies10@hotmail.com please!

    Many thanks
  7. Hi, does anybody have the 1998 Teachers guide for 'Smells Good'. I have everything else but not the mark scheme.

    If you have it, please could you email me it to me.

    Much appreciated! It's king10047852@gmail.com
  8. Tttttt
  9. forestje

    forestje New commenter

    I do have it but am only able to send it to you if you give me your fax number.
  10. jemosamc

    jemosamc New commenter


    I have just seen this thread and would really like to know how to get my hands on the marks scheme for Smells Good too! I have the threshold, but a guide to marking would be appreciated!

    Many thanks

  11. Hi, hoping you might see this and send the teacher booklet with nark scheme for the smells good optional sat to me at fax number 0872 115 7384. I have an online fax account so hope it works!

    Thanks in advance!
  12. Hi! I realise this is a really old post, but do you still have a copy of the 'smells good' mark scheme and could you possibly fax it? I would be eternally grateful!

    The fax no. Is 01962 843799

    Thank you very much!
  13. Hello, I really need a copy of the 1998 'Smells Good' Teacher's Guide as well. If anyone has a copy I'd really appreciate you emailing me. My email is caroline_kennedy@live.co.uk.

    Many thanks, Caroline.
  14. Hello would anybody be able to send me the mark scheme for 'Smells Good'? I had it last year but have now moved school and must have forgotten to transfer it to my memory stick!

    My email is missjroberts@hotmail.co.uk

    Thanks in advance :)
  15. Hello, I don't suppose anyone has a copy of the actual assessment for 1998 year 3 maths? We have the reading and writing in school but not the maths. If anyone could help it would be massively appreciated!

    Thanks in advance, L :)
  16. I know this is a long shot now as this post is old, but I was wondering if you still had a copy of the mark scheme for 'Smells Good'. We had given the children the test before realising the mark scheme had gone missing!

    Our school fax number is 0121 675 8499.

    We would be eternally grateful if you, (or anyone else!) could help!

    Thank you

  17. Hi, Wondering if anyone had a copy of the reading booklet and the answer booklet for 'Smells Good'. The children come out about 2-3 sub-levels different between the other 2 tests so really need this one! Will message my email address to anyone who could help. Thanks SO much, Beth
  18. This is probably a long shot, but do you still have the teachers' guide for Smells Good? Could you email me it if you do - laurafhamill@gmail.com
  19. I know this is a long shot but do you still have this? If so, could you email it to me please? laurafhamill@gmail.com Thank you!
  20. I was also wondering if someone will notice this post and happily send over the teachers' guide and mark scheme to Smells Good (year 3 optional test 1998). I have just done the assessment (not realising we didn't have the teacher book!) and need to hand in data ASAP :s


    or i can send a fax number to someone

    Thank you so much

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