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1980s topic

Discussion in 'Primary' started by tartanred, Jan 27, 2016.

  1. tartanred

    tartanred New commenter

    Hi there,

    Has anyone taught the 1980s as a topic. Got a rough MTP drawn up but looking for some inspiration. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    Whole school/KS1/KS2?
  3. tartanred

    tartanred New commenter

  4. sulkydame

    sulkydame New commenter

    What do you want your outcome to be? Which year group are you looking at?
  5. asnac

    asnac Lead commenter

    To start the topic, perhaps show some Grange Hill extracts, to inspire them to come up with interview questions in class, and then (at home) they could interview someone who grew up in the 1980s. In many cases that would be their parents. Maybe get these parents to send in any clothes or toys or gadgets that they happen to have from the 80s.

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