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19 month old being bitten by bugs - pls help!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by spamandothers, Apr 18, 2011.

  1. Our poor baby has been bitten all over including on her lady bits and
    bum over the last couple of days. She had a dress on the first day so
    the last two I have covered her up; leggings, socks, shoes and long
    sleeved cotton top, but still they have got her again today despite this
    and spraying insect repellant. I don't want to keep her inside, she
    loves the garden and outdoors and wouldn't let me keep her in anyway,
    but can anyone recommend anything else we can do?
    Oh, and all windows and doors have been kept shut today to try and keep the little biting bug*ers out!
  2. Hi, this is going to sound really patronising and I apologise but... are you sure they're bites? I only ask because my LO comes out in a red spotty rash each time she goes out at the moment and I'm waiting for a referral to the allergy clinic. It is usually coupled with a snotty nose so I think it's hayfever.
    Again- sorry if that's patronising. If you are sure they are bites, you can get wristbands (I think they do them in mothercare?) which are impregnated with repellant to keep beasties at bay. These might help. What is biting her? I didn't think many biting things came out until the early evening?!
  3. Hi, not patronising at all. x
    they are definitely bites; a range of , from mozzie looking ones to little gnat ones. we are out in the evenings a lot in our garden and we have a pond so think it might be that. plus, she loves digging in earth etc so soil fleas etc. it is impossible to stop her.
    the bangle sounds promising. will investigate thanks.

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