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16month supply rule

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by bigpig, May 24, 2011.

  1. bigpig

    bigpig New commenter

    I know NQTs only have 16 months on supply before they have to apply for an extension/complete NQT year but there seems to be some confusion as to whether completing part of the NQT year stops the clock.

    Say somebody started supply after Easter last year for the summer term. Then they managed to get 2 terms of NQT done over autumn and spring terms this year and are now back doing supply. Would their 16month clock have stopped or is it still going and they have to apply for their extension in July this year?

    We were given conflicting stories whilst at uni and can't really find anything that makes sense online.
  2. My understanding is that you have to apply for an extension when doing short term supply if you have not completed induction within the 16 months.
    So you could do one or two terms but then still need to apply for an extension unless you have a long term role which counts towards induction.
    I'd check with your local authority - they should be able to advise further, as they are the ones to issue the extensions.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The clock does not stop ticking once you've completed some of your Induction. The official tda website( www.tda.gov.uk) is quite explicit on that point.
    Your timeline needs examination though because some new teachers get supply work in the summer term of their training year. That teaching does not start the 16 month supply clock counting down as the work is Unqualified. QTS has to be officially conferred by the GTC/Dept of Education before you are qualified and subject to supply regs.
    If your work after Easter last year was before you got QTS, ignore it for calculating when your allowance expires.
    If your first QUALIFIED teaching lasted under a term's length and was thus NOT
    part of Induction, count 16 months on from that first non-Induction
    teaching day. A term's length is from any point in one school term until the same point in the next term.
    When the 16 months is up and you still haven't COMPLETED Induction, you need an LA extension in order to continue taking short term teaching in State schools, even if you are placed there by a private agency.
    Apply to all the LAs where you could travel for work. They can refuse an extension and each may offer different lengths of extension up to a maximum 12 months extra.
    You can teach in Post 16 State provision and any age range in the private sector with no time restrictions and no need ever to have started or completed Induction.

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