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£15,000 grants available for innovative teachers....

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by SHINETrust, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Tandy, nice to find someone with a sense of humour. I can program in Objective C though so the £15k might just be enough...[​IMG]

    Yes, teacher bashing is an easy target and I did notice that some of the Shine projects looked absolutely excellent.
  2. Gosh what a bunch of disillusioned, miserable sods some of you seem to be.

    Suggest this is a good read:

  3. Colin, I'd like to offer a sincere apology and to wish you all the best with your project.
  4. DM

    DM New commenter

    Words fail me. You may have felt slighted but that response is seriously over the top.
  5. adamcreen

    adamcreen Occasional commenter

    The boards haven't been this lively for ages. It makes a change from people wanting ideas for Year 1 number bonds involving dinosaurs.
  6. I think that's a very unkind and quite patronising response Colin. Sara, I've read your posts for years. I can't remember if I generally agree or disagree with you, but I do know that I've found your posts honest and helpful. I agree with others that recently you've come across as a bit worn down by it all. I hope everything's ok with you.
  7. Guish

    Guish New commenter

    Such a common thing for teachers nowadays.
  8. Sadly true.
    Echo other posters comments. Sara, it is inevitable that after a few years teaching some positivity tends to be eroded. However, your posts have always shown that you care greatly, maybe too much? Anyway, ignore the ranting found above and best of luck.

  9. Guish

    Guish New commenter

    I believe that all arguments are valid as long as we're trying to do the best for the students.

  10. Ah, that's where I've been going wrong! Thanks for the heads up, Guish!
    cyolba, always wanting the easy life for himself, sod the kids :)

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