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Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by wbay77, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. I have £1000 to spend in a hurry, about 6 weeks, and i need some ideas. We are not allowed to spend it on textbooks. The money is supposed to be used for resources or equipment that will ehance cooperative learning strategies.
  2. pencho

    pencho New commenter

    Some suggestions
    - Fan and Pick board games
    - Minitwhiteboards for every maths classroom
    - Magic whiteboard for you to make a whiteboard anywhere
  3. How about equipment boxes for each room: calculators, protractors, pairs of compasses, rulers, pencils etc?
    Posters for the walls that are thought provoking
    Display resources - big sheets of coloured paper, felt tips
  4. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    How about a cupboard to put whatever you do decide to buy at the back of?

    That will be where it is put for a few years until being thrown out when the school re-organises and the maths department is moved to another block.
  5. If you really can't think of any ideas, then you shouldn't be in charge of the money.
    No textbooks is a moronic policy.
    cyolba, Wednesday morning grump :)
  6. Try Hope Education, Tarquin, ATM and MA for resources.
    Alternatively you could give it to me - I could easily spend that on maths resources. I get a bit fed up of having to spend my own money on things I want to use.
  7. There's also the 24 game and Fractics which are good resources.
    I agree with what Cyolba said as well.
  8. You're only saying that because you fancy me, emily.
    cyolba, going all unprofessional :)
  9. pipipi

    pipipi New commenter

    I would see if I could spend it on getting someone in.
    the puzzle one was great and saw a big uptake afterwards in pupils attending the puzzle club (which you could also afford resources for) and the Sport one was fantastic but I'm not sure if Nadia is still running it after the Olympics, certainly got everyone working in teams!
    And any left you could donate to Cyolba so he can buy himself a Valentine's Card.
  10. Damn - busted [​IMG]
  11. Visualizer. Perfect demonstration tool! I've been begin my Hod for one. Fingers crossed
  12. Utterly pointless. Use a camera and then stick it on the IWB. A fraction of the cost.
    cyolba, saving money for everyone :)
  13. mature_maths_trainee

    mature_maths_trainee New commenter

    As cyobalo said, Visualisers are a huge waste of money (as well as occupying valuable desk space). Buy a very cheap webcam, connect it to your ubiquitous classroom PC and display it 'live' on whiteboard or IWB. Take permanent snapshots (stills) if you need to. I've worked in a school that previously bought 30 (!!) Visualisaers and they are all now stored in a cupboard because they take too much space, are yet something else needing 'mains', and have no unique benefits at all.
  14. Nick a retort stand and clamps from science to go with the camera.
  15. murkle

    murkle New commenter

    £1000 would buy enough GeoMag to actually be useful...
  16. A days cover for the whole department (even 2 if its a smallish dept) to give you time to all meet together and just "do maths"......thrash out your schemes of work, develop some key lessons, key projects, key assesments, key tracking mechanisms.....just get away from the day to day and focus on what you what long term.
    If you just need to spend (and assuming therefore that you are well funded normally and have plenty of "resources") why not buy some books for the library, invest in membership to the MA or ATM (great source of onging maths ideas and CPD), send someone with a bit of get up and go, on a course where they can inspire the department when they come back. Think long term would be my advice.
  17. Maths_Mike

    Maths_Mike New commenter

    I was right with you until you said all of ten ticks!!
  18. £1000 is going to buy a lot of mini-whiteboards. Spend it on CPD? If it's meant to enhance cooperative learning strategies, see if you can get 1-2 of your department to attend a T2TUK course on it and then take the lead within the department on it - or pick whatever CPD fits in with your SEF/Improvement Plan. Then you can spend it straightaway by booking staff on courses through the year and reap the benefits later.
  19. hammie

    hammie Lead commenter

    agree with all of this having done it.
    but having run a puzzle club with said games, not sure it enhanced maths learning.
    how about some subscriptions to the world maths day engine, mathletics?
  20. Miniwhiteboards and pens, by a mile. I could lose everything from my room, my board, my computer, my tables and chairs, my own pens,the structure of the classroom, but if the pupils had access to these two things I would still deliver an outstanding lesson.

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