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+ 16 students special needs.

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by cristounette, Aug 11, 2015.

  1. cristounette

    cristounette New commenter

    I am a teacher who will be in charge of group of +16 age - special various needs . The aim is to lead them to independence, living in the community and i am looking for activities/woksheets: assessments. I am aware of ASDAN whick offers guidelines. What I need is lessonss/ lessons plans/ activities to do in the classroom

    Is there a place on internet where I can find suggestions for activities/ PPT during lessons. or identical schools which could help with the same programme? Thank you
  2. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I think you need to provide more details( specifics ) about the nature of the students you will be responsible for especially if you think there may be colleagues out there who work within a similar setting / age. This would be your starting point . It looks as if you are requesting Schemes of Work, individual lesson planning proformas, resources and materials to accommodate these, suggestions for activities and an assessment system ? ! Good Luck.
  3. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter


    Is this a new job for you? Congratulations!

    You may find some of the free educational resources on http://jo.element42.org good for this age of student, but they'd be resources to use to compliment a curriculum not build one.

    Many leading schools put their curriculum documents online, so a hunt around the net may be fruitful.

    Barry Carpenter's work is worth looking up, he's great at +16

    Kind regards

  4. cristounette

    cristounette New commenter

    Thank you minnie me and Jo.

    Basically I need help to construct worksheets to reflect a task which lead to self independence .

    Where can I find Barry Carpenter's information ? Has he got an e-mail or does he work in a school? Regards
  5. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I am not familiar with the work of Barry Carpenter but I googled him. I suggest you do the same.
  6. Jo3Grace

    Jo3Grace New commenter


    Barry has done some great work supporting students with special needs to learn and achieve independence at a level appropriate to the individual, and all sorts of other things, that I could only inadequately describe here.

    His website is:


    It's worth hunting through there's some training resources that are free to access and other things as well. His book comes highly recommended too.

    Of course there's not just Barry. Many lead schools publish their curricular and may have things like worksheets. Do you mean for the students to fill out or the staff?

    If there's a well known school near you (or not near) it's probably worth having a look at their site.

    It is easy to spend your whole holidays doing things like this, be careful! Your students will also benefit from you having a rest.

    Kind regards

    Jo Grace

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