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16 month supply time limit

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by dan79, Mar 25, 2012.

  1. Hi everyone, hope someone can help with my query.
    I gained QTS last August and did some supply teaching for a month in September last year. I then took a civil service job on a fixed term appointment for a year as it was guaranteed work and paid more than supply work. I have been applying for full time teaching jobs during this time.
    I am now considering going back to supply teaching this September as I want to get back in the classroom, but I'm not sure whether I'll be affected by the 16 month time limit on NQT supply work. I realise that the timer starts from the first short-term supply placement, so I guess that I will be restricted by this, but it seems awfully unfair as I only worked for less than a month. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.
  2. VelvetChalk

    VelvetChalk New commenter

    I am afraid your supply will end 16 months from your first supply day and theres nothing that can really be done about it as its statutory law for the whole of England. However the good news is you can get a year extension from your local LA and there is a good possibility that NQTs can supply for 5 years from their date of gaining QTS.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    .If you started non-Induction qualified supply teaching in Sept 2011 your 16 month allowance will expire in January 2013.
    At some point in December 2012 you should approach your LA, and any nearby LAs where you might teach,asking for permission to be able to continue taking non-Induction supply work. they are currently able to offer up to 12 extra months but can also refuse. You are suppose to explain to them why it is not your fault that you haven't yet completed Induction. You would cite the lack of enough supply work in the Autumn term of 2011, leading you to take other work to support yourself.
    There is expected to be a new allowance brought in at some point in 2012 giving NQTs 5 years from getting QTS (not 16 months from their first supply day) in which to be employed on supply. However, it may not be applied to those who gained QTS before the new ruling and will be of no use to those who qualified over 5 years ago and still haven't managed to complete Induction.
    When a 16 month allowance (+ any associated extension) or a 5 year allowance expire, the NQT will be barred from further teaching in the State 5-16 sector unless it is on Induction.
    Those on p/t Induction are free to take random supply days on the other days of the week without being constrained by any supply limits.
  4. Perhaps someone could aid with my query too. I gained QTS in June 2011 but due to ill health was unable to secure a full time NQT post so returned to my old position as HLTA with reduced hours and applied to top up hours on county supply register. I then secured a part time temporary teaching post in another school - Yr 11 intervention 8 hours a week for six months This school suggested they could help me start my NQT This did not materialise as county deemed not sufficient hours despite topping up a minimum of four hours weekly supply with my other school. Having signed the contract was unable to back out of the deal. I feel totally demoralised as have now wasted almost a whole year and my allocated time on supply register is diminishing rapidly alongside theproposed five year rule . The intervention post has now been absorped into a full time position for which I was deemed unsuitable as I am not trained to teach post 16. Not sure can continue as a part time HLTA (aka - teacher on the cheap - 'don't complain its unprofessional !') Any suggestions - i feel totally used and spat out !
  5. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Even if you had been started on Induction with the 8 hrs per week teaching role, you would not have served enough teaching days to complete one Induction term by the time the post finished.
    The supply work done at the other school would have been ineligible for Induction purposes at it was presumably random days of work with different classes and the school would not be able to state at the beginning of the employment that they intended to use you to teach a regular timetable for at least a term's length.
    You now need to establish when your first day of qualified teaching took place, paid as a teacher not as a CS or HTLA. Count 16 months on from that date and follow the advice above about applying for an extension.
    You haven't lost anything by making use of your supply allowance. The alternative would have been to not have the teaching experience you have managed, some of which was a regular timetable and will be useful on an application for a permament post or for maternity covers etc.
  6. Anyone know whether this "good possibility" has become reality? If it hasn't, then there is a glaring injustice. NQTs in Wales can do supply teaching for up to 5 years before needing to complete their induction. In England, 16 months. Did somebody get confused between 16 and 60? If anyone has succeeded in finding an official announcement of the abolition of this discriminatory rule, please tell me now!
  7. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    The result of the consultation paper is meant to be announced this month (I think), with the ATL for example suggesting that the induction period which looks like being 5 years for anyone to work on supply and complete their induction coming into effect from September 2012, but the union as suggested that it should be backdated for those who clock as begun ticking or for those who have ran out of time by 5 years. They have also suggested to the Dept of Dumbing Down that other roles should be covered by the induction rule due to the lack of jobs. I suggested that it should either be scrapped altogether because it is unfair that British teachers have to do the induction, yet teachers from Europe and some of the former colonies do not, I also suggested that supply work should be included in the induction period, due to the experience gained by working on supply. But my views are of that of an humble teacher, but hopefully so positive news will be published soon and I am still waiting for a reply from the Dept of Dumbing Down on the results of the consultation.
  8. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Supply work is included in Induction if you are at a school for at least a term's length! I did all my Induction on supply.
    Shorter term placements can never be eligible as you have to be employed for at least a term's length, even on a contract.
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    There is no glaring injustice. Wales administers its own Education department and you can't expect it to just follow suit with everything that happens in England. Scotland has a completely different Education syatem too, with pupils taking different exams, at different ages, from their English counterparts. Scottish NQTs are also catered for differently with their probationary year.
    The proposed 5 year allowance for taking non-Induction supply work after getting QTS will suit many NQTs, but not all.
    Take the case of a female who finishes her training and decides to delay working to start a family. Currently she could spend over 5 years at home caring for children and then make use of the 16 month supply allowance (+ possible 12 month extension). Under the proposed 5 year allowance, she'd run out of time to take supply work. When she wanted to start teaching, she'd have to secure a contract post and would be at a disadvantage in interviews, with having no recent teaching experience, something that the 16 month allowance currently provides.
  10. Does anyone know what might happen in my confusing case? I got QTS last August and have been doing supply teaching since September 2011. I have just managed to secure a contract for NQT just until the end of the Summer Term so I will have completed one third of NQT by July 2012. If I can't find another NQT position starting in September presumably I can do supply again but will the 16 month clock from September 2011 still be running or will it be frozen during my NQT contract? And will I benefit from any change in the rules to 5 years? Does anyone know when DfE are going to clarify all this or whom one could contact in local or central government in the meantime?
    Hope no wannabe PGCE primary teachers read this. It has not been a happy experience for me and countless others on my course since we flogged ourselves to get QTS last year. Very few jobs, loads of confusion and extremely low morale.
    Still have no regrets leaving fifteen years of being a solicitor behind though!

  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Your 16 month 'clock' will continue counting down and will run out in Jan 2013, irrespective of how much supply work you do and irrespective of you managing to complete some Induction work in that time.
    If you don't have another Induction term lined up for early 2013, under current rules you would need to apply to all the LAs where you might seek supply teaching to request an extension to the 16 months. You should probably do that near the end of Dec/beginning of Dec 2012.
    LAs can award you up to another 12 months' permission to take non-Induction teaching in their schools. You have to demonstrate to them that it's not your fault that you haven't yet completed Induction.
    It['s not clear yet whether any new 5 year allowance (from getting QTS) would apply just to those getting QTS this year or will be applied retrospectively to others like yourself.
  12. Thanks to everyone for the good advice on this post. I got in touch with my LEA this morning by email and ,after a brief phone discussion to clarify a couple of points, have been told that a letter will be sent to me confirming my 12 month extension and all is fine. This has been such a looming worry I can't believe that it was dealt with in less than a day. Hopefully I'll get an inductible position soon and finish my final term. But at least I know now that I can continue on supply when my 16 month time is up in May.
  13. Reading this with much interest. I graduated with QTS in summer 2011 and my supply clock hasn't even started yet. Not sure how to feel about that. Am I with agencies? Yes. Haven't heard from about 2 and the other called me up 3 days in the last week of the previous term, but could I take the work? No, I was ill. One of my PGCE coursemates who also lives in my area has started her clock and it runs out at the end of the year - How many supply days has she had? 8.
    I currently do supply work at a school, but not as a teacher - Everything but a teacher, so far. This opportunity came about after an interview for a TA position and whilst I didn't get the position, I didn't get it because they didn't want to tie me down to a year-18 month contract, when they know I am a teacher and would be looking for jobs in this area. They are very happy with this and I am happy with this arrangement.
    Since then, I have been in the school at least 2 days a week and one week, I was their for the full week. Whilst I am not doing supply teaching, as I am early years trained, I am getting the opportunity of working and supporting children in Key Stage 2 - An insight I never got on my PGCE course. Also, building up my confidence having been unemployed for so long and learning/reminding myself of behaviour/classroom management and various other skills etc. I often work with some of the Early Years/KS1 staff and make notes of their lessons, ideas etc on various topicsand keep them in a sort of learning diary.
    Still applying for teaching jobs, so hoping whilst I have no recent teaching experience, I am still in the school environment.

    Slightly off topic, I know [​IMG]

  14. PaulDG

    PaulDG Occasional commenter

    I'm afraid your case isn't confusing at all. You're just hoping it is...

    It's still running. It starts on your first moment of non-induction supply and never stops. (Told you it wasn't confusing - you were hoping you'd not understood it, weren't you..?)
    No one knows. Most recent rumour is that no, you won't benefit from the change, but no one knows yet.

    No and No.
  15. historygrump

    historygrump Lead commenter Forum guide

    As I have said, I emailed them some 3 or 4 weeks ago for information, so I caould post it on the TES and I have had no reply from the Dept of Education. So I will complain after Easter as the rules state that they should reply within 15 working days.
  16. Thank you Historygrump. It would be such a weight off the minds of people in my position (I started supply teaching 15 months ago, so have exactly one month left) to get official, written confirmation that the new rule applies to those of us who are already teaching. Still making enquiries about extensions just in case.
  17. I tried emailing them too, also got no reply, but I phoned them up this morning and a civil servant told me that anyone who will be in their 16-month permitted supply teaching period, or within the 12 months of an extension to that period, at the point when the new rules come in in September, will then be able to operate under the new 5-year rule. Made my day. Now I've just got to chase around some more LAs to get those extensions. And then there's the little matter of getting a job so I can do induction, of course. But on the whole, good news.
  18. Isn't the rule going to be changed to 5 years without a possibility of an extension instead of 16 months from September 2012?
  19. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    get your extension set up and if it runs from whenever your 16 months expires until INTO sEPTEMBER AT LEAST,, YOU SHOULD FALL INTO THE GROUP THAT CAN THEN AVAIL THEMSELVES OF A 5 YEAR NON-iNDCTION TEACHING 'WINDOW', DATING FROM YOUR FIRST SUPPLY day.

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