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16 month rule - applies to all nqts?

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by anon1369, Jul 16, 2010.

  1. Hi, I hope somebody can clarify this for me. I've just qualified with a PGCE in Science and after looking through these forums and on the internet I have discovered the 16 month rule which I fully understand.
    Am I correct in thinking that this applies to all NQTs no matter what training pathway was followed for example PGCE, GTP, and the 3 or 4 year degree courses. Also the age range doesnt matter either does it eg primary vs secondary ???
    The reason I ask is because I informed my friend about this who has just qualified in primary after doing the full length undergraduate degree and has been doing supply work since April. She has never heard about this rule and when she asked the supply agency they also said they have never heard about such a thing so she doesnt really believe me. I informed her about this because it will impact upon her more as she is going travelling for 6 months from january which is drastically going to cut into her 16 month allowance.
    Can anybody confirm if I am correct and the 16 month rule does apply to her? To make matters worse she knows someone who has been on supply for 4 years and has never undertaken ANY period of induction and also is not aware of this rule so has not applied for an extension.
    I cannot believe that a supply agency can be so ignorant and not be aware of such an important rule!
    Thanks in advance.
  2. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Yes it applies to all English NQT's , in Scotland and Wales it is 5 years. so much for equality, overseas teachers in England have 5 years, Instructors and unqualified staff have no restrictions (and they teach).
    If the person is in England, she is breaking the rules, but I say good luck to that person and be thankful to the agency for having the common sense to ignore the absurd and unfair rule. It is time the rule was scrapped as unfair and a restraint of trade. In that if you are not a criminal, why should be banned from a profession because you cannot get a job. There is a campaign by bruders to scrap it.
    Give teachers the right to practice their profession.
  3. Yes my friend is English and teaching in England, thank you for confirming my thoughts.
    Dont get me wrong as a new NQT myself who has not managed to secure a job for sept I couldnt agree more with scrapping this stupid rule as the current climate makes it look unlikely for any teachers to find work.
    I just think its wrong of the agency to not at least make my friend aware of the rule so that she fully understands the position that she is in as she will have to race against the clock to secure a job when she returns.
    Thanks :)
  4. Hi
    Yes it applies in full to all NQTs regardless of their training route. The university where she trained should have informed her about the induction year and the 16 month rule. It is a requirement for providers to give this inf0ormation to trainees regardless of their route.
    The supply agency should also be fully aware of the rule as they should not be taking on any teachers who have passed the 16 months, that is an obligation that they have (can't say it is a legal requirement) but oif a school hired a NQT supply who was not eligible to work, from an agency and then got their knuckles rapped for doing so by the LA or OFSTED I suspect that some headteachers would not take kindly and may wish to recoup some money spent on hiring someone who wasn't eligible to work!
  5. I recently contacted my LA to enquire about obtaining an extension. I was concerned because I'm on a short term teaching contract (six hours per week) at my school where I am normally employed as a LSA. The LA told me that if I wanted to work through a supply agency in the future, I would have to apply for a 12 month teaching extension. They also said that as long as my current school knows that I am an NQT who hasn't done Induction, then this is fine. So much for the rule.
  6. Noone told us - I found out about this on here!!
  7. Same here, and the Uni I went to did a few lectures explaining NQT and what to do if things go wrong in some detail. But no mention of this rule.

    Seems like it is something that a couple of institutions either forget about or don't know.When I was at uni I wanted to work solely doing short term cover here and there. Despite always saying this in the groups when they asked what we planned on doing no one ever mentioned this would be nigh on impossible when I said this. (Changed my mind when I decided that actually security and routine is what was in order to start with and I think I made the right decision).

    Is it a new rule or something?
  8. The 16 month rule came out with the revised Induction Regulations 2008.
    I actually think it's a good thing. I completed 26 weeks of supply with two schools but wasn't offered Induction. I felt used. Under the new rules, I could have pushed more for Induction.
    In all those 26 weeks, I wasn't observed once. That's not good for anyone. (Even though I'm brilliant!)
  9. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The 16 Month Supply Rule is simply the re-named 4 term Supply Rule, and that has been in operation since 7th May 1999.
    The 16 month/ 4 term suply regs are/were about being able to do non-Induction supply work whilst trying to secure Induction work.
    Any teaching, even if part-time, that is intended to last for at least a term's length (from any point in one term until at least the same point in the next) .... and which requires you to plan and assess a regular timetable ... MUST be part of Induction.
    The 16 month rule does not make getting Induction work more likely; it simply gives you a 'window' in which to be employed as a qualified teacher in the State 5-16 sector when you have not yet completed Induction. The 16 months count down from your first day of Non-Induction teaching.
  10. I wasn't told about this rule, and most people I asked didn't know about it either. It is the most stupide rule, I've got a year to find a job (I've had an extension since I found out) and then I'm blightered!! It is outrageous they didn't tell me on the PGCE, that cost me to do so I could find work, which I can't seem to do (in Devon). To top it all it seems if I hadn't found out about it I could have carried on working cause no-one seems to know about it. Did people know that you have to pay back any money earned after the 16 months is over??? OOTRAGEOUS!!
  11. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    I've never heard that!
    A school, though, might seek a refund of fees paid to an agency (a refund from the agency, not from the teacher!) that provided them with a teacher not eligible to be working in the State sector because of having already used up the 16 month supply allowance.


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