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15 month and a sleep question err more like problem!!!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by jasminedurango, May 6, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I have a very gorgeous almost 15 month old boy who still wakes in the night and the only way to settle him is with milk, I know I shouldn't and I try not too but working full time I quite like/need more than a couple of hours sleep!
    He used to be such a good sleeper then at 8 months began to get chest infection after chest infection and has ended up in hospital twice for a week and always seems to be ill (his chest is under control now with an inhaler) but he's had a terrible time with teeth (really really high temperature), ear infections, tummy bugs. Despite all this he is such a happy thing but back to the sleep ... So with being ill and dropping weight we were so worried we used milk to comfort him, especially in hospital. We were also worried as he didn't eat, lost a lot of weight and wanted to do anything to make him better. Each holiday I think I'll crack it but the since being back at work every holiday he's been ill.
    But now (our own fault I know) he has got quite used to the milk! Last night he had a bottle before bed, one at about 11 and another at 4am!
    He has had the same bedtime routine since being tiny - bath, P.Js on, milk, story, bed. He also has a dummy. He goes down generally fine.
    I try leaving him to cry but I think I don't suddenly want him to think no one will come, if I try and comfort him he launches dummies, teddies and screams till I give in and give him milk!
    So I don't know what to do!!! I know I should toughen up with him!

    Sorry for the long post! Any help or advice will be greatly appreciated
  2. Hi. you could try watering the milk down over a period of a couple of weeks until it is just very watery milk! this stopped our babe from waking in the night at around 16 months, although, of course she still wakes now sometimes. I think, as we know, it is just one of those (annoying!) things. x
  3. We weaned GG of the night feed by OH going in (I was breast feeding at that point) and only offering water. It took two/three rough nights and letting her cry it out a bit and sudennly she just didn't wake any more.

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