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15 minute lesson for interview

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by Tealc, Mar 30, 2008.

  1. Sounds like they want it be interesting and stimulate questions from the children. That is really vague! Are they after a specific lesson objectives or topic at all (literacy, humanities etc?).
  2. Hi, i did an interview once whee i made a little telescope and it was a magic telescope. I brought it out and looked through it and pretended i could see a the scene from cinderella - describing things i could see and asked them to think what i was 'looking at'. They really got into it and then i let them have a go at describing what they could see throught the telescope.
    hope this is ok
  3. No they havent asked for specific questions...they simply said to plan a 15 minute lesson to evoke 'awe and wonder'. That was all I got!
    Yes it is very vague.

    I really like your telescope idea and it has already sent ideas through my head! Thank you so much!!!!
    Did the children really enjoy doing the activity?
    Did you do group work with it, or simply with the children on the carpet?
    Thanks again!
  4. If you only have 15 mins it's probably best to keep the children on the carpet - they will be looking at how you engage with the children. Remember to do a detailed session plan and hand it to the person observing you - this will show that you are organised. On the plan you could add how you would develop the lesson further if yo u had longer and a rationale behind the lesson. Remember even though the children are on the carpet you can always get them to 'talk to a partner' about something and feedback. They will also be looking at your behaviour management skills and how you engage with the children. Don't forget self-assessment - a simple thumbs up or thumbs down can be great for a starting tool at that age. Enjoy it - let us know how you get on.
  5. I'm not sure if this evokes "awe and wonder" (what a weird thing to ask!) but i had a successful circle time with a reception class:

    I told the children that we were going to pass a treasure chest around the circle, and that inside they would see someone very special. They must not let the child next to them see inside until it's their turn (to evoke suspense and wonder!) They all look inside it and once it has been passed around the whole circle we talk about who they could see, (themselves) and try and steer the discussion to include the statement "everyone is special"

    if you have time, talk about the ways we are special, who else is special to the children.

    I did this as part of a PSE topic, for SEAL. It may not be what you are looking for but it did work well for this particular class!!
  6. Forgot to include a very vital piece of info in my last post... inside the treasure chest is a mirror!!

    You can get plain chests from places like HobbyCraft, I decorated one on my last placement but unfortunately had to leave it there! it is something i will do again though!

    Let us know how you get on!
  7. The treasure chest is a lovely idea too! Thanks so much for that. I really like it.

    How did you introduce the activity?
    So basically you sit the children in a circle and one at a time they look inside without the child next to them seeing....then once it has gone around all the children, you then have a short discussion about it? So like you said...emphasising that everyone is special.

  8. Yep, you basically just tell them that they are all going to see someone very special inside the chest (while holding it very close to your chest to get the children wondering and excited!) it's amazing how quiet the class were while each child was taking a look in the mirror, and the smiles on their faces!! It's really good if you create the right mood, really quiet and suspenseful. The children definitely enjoyed it, and I did too! I wish it had been an observed lesson looking back! (I'm an NQT like you!) x
  9. Brilliant thank you so much, you have put my mind at rest. I was getting really worried about it!

    So you said I can buy a chest from Hobbycraft?!
  10. I think so, the class teacher I was working with had actually bought it a while ago, and said I could use it how I wish. So i decorated it with some gold wrapping paper and stuck black felt inside and used one of the school's little mirrors!

    The teacher definitely said she bought it from HobbyCraft, i'm going to go soon myself so I can make a new one. So if you do go please let me know hehe!

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