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14 month old throws stuff out her cot then cries as she can't reach it!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by lilypot, Mar 3, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if anyone else's LOs have done this? It really disturbs my LO trying to go to sleep because she cries and cries until you give her back whatever she's thrown out (usually bottle) only for her to do it a few minutes later - so the cycle continues. It's exhausting as tonight has taken 1.5 hours for her to go to sleep, when normally it would take 10 mins.
    At first we thought it was a game, but today for instance, she's been awake for 6 hours and rubs her eyes etc so she's clearly tired. After a while she does become over tired which of course makes it harder for her to sleep.
    At the moment, it happens every nap / nighttime sleep and when she wakes at night, it can sometimes take an hour or so before she's back to sleep.
    Friends and family say don't give her the bottle back and whilst the theory is good, I'm sure you can understand when I say she;ll scream until she's sick and 3 hours later she's still crying (as I tried the whole not give it her back).
    I know it's a phase but it's pretty annoying and wondering if a) I'm missing anything that it could be (I've tried changing her, teething stuff, calpol/nurofen, massage, changing bedding and bottles) and b) how long did it last if your LO did it.
  2. Lily, our LO did/does this too! She doesn't have a bottle but does it with her beloved 'dog' cuddly toy who she takes to bed and needs to get to sleep. I don't really have any solutions, we've just been ignoring it and we're finding it happens a lot less now. She's nearly 18 months.
    It seemed that the more we put it back in, the more she did it. We found that if we ignored her, she would eventually tire herself out and fall asleep. We hear a thud as she hits the matress! We then wait 15 mins or so to make sure she's def asleep and go and put it back in, so that if she wakes again, he's within her reach. For us, it was def an attention thing, she knew that throwing 'dog' out was the one thing that made us go back in to her!
  3. LO does this with her muslin (her favourite comforter) so I put one or two extra ones in the cot (at the bottom end). She sometimes throws the lot out but is learning not to I think. I agree that it can be an attention thing. Eventuially she'll tire herself out and fall asleep anyway, sometimes not. Hopefully it's just a phase!
  4. Thanks for the replies.
    Our LO likes muslin cloths too and I put two in her cot, but they'll get thrown out too! I've tried giving LO more fresh air today in a bid to make her more tired and crash out - we'll see if it works!

  5. LOL!
    Ours does this too! I caught him posting his quilt bit by bit over the edge the other day (igglepiggle, muslins and pj pants had already gone over). His response when I walked in? 'Oh noooo!'
    I know I shouldn't but I had a good giggle then laid him back down and gave him his muslin back. He eventually conks out and we cover him back up and put the muslin back in the cot.

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