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13 Course Books For PGDE Primary Strathclyde for just £90

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by Jennifer Young, Aug 6, 2011.

  1. Hi there - I did the PGDE Primary course at Strathclyde and have got the full set of books for sale plus a few extras you'll be asked to buy during the course.
    All are in really good condition and essential for completing the various assignments you will be given during the course. Price for all 13 is only £90.

    1.Learning to Teach Number by Frobisher et al (RRP £19.99)
    2.A Guide to Teaching Practice by Cohen et al (RRP £22.99)
    3.Six Religions in the 21st Century by Cole & Morgan (RRP £20.99)
    4.Perspectives on Learning by Phillips & Soltis (RRP £16.50)
    5.Teaching Literacy Using Texts to Enhance Learning by David Wray (RRP £18.99)
    6.Essential Teaching Skills by Kyriacou (RRP £15.99)
    7.Scottish Education Second Edition Post-Devolution by Bryce & Humes (RRP £27.99)
    8.Learning to Teach in the Primary Classroom by Proctor et al (RRP £21.99)
    9.Mathematics In Nursery Education by Montague-Smith (RRP £19.99)
    10.Phonics by Lewis and Ellis (RRP £20.99)
    11. The Possibilities of Play in the Classroom by Latta (RRP £15.00)
    12.Teaching Physical Education In The Primary School by Pickup & Price (RRP £22.99)
    Total price if bought from John Smith Bookshop: £244.40
    I'm selling them for £90 as I know how expensive this course can be! If you're interested please get in touch. My number is 07810262149.
    Good luck on the course! Jennifer.
  2. Have sold these now :)

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