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Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by mangomouse, Mar 26, 2011.

  1. Can anyone tell me if morning or afternoon breaks when not on playground duty( primary school) are included in the 1265 hours of directed time .THANKS[​IMG]
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Only the lunch break is unpaid time and you are free to leave the premises if you wish (usually signing out and back in for fire regs). You cannot be required to do any lunchtime duties and if you agree to do so, you should receive extra pay and a free meal.
    In some schools, they have alonger lunch break for the pupils and onlt part of it is paid time for the teachers. In Special schools, for instance, they may need almost all staff to either help with feeding or supervising children when they eat as well as monitoring the playground for the second part of the lunch break. Teachers will thus be working (part of the 1265 hours) for half of the children's break and on their own break for the rest of the time.
    Other break times are paid time and you can be required to undertake regular or random work at the Head's direction. If they choose not to allocate you a duty or other task, it's still part of Directed Time. You must be on the premises and available in case you are needed in an emergency.
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Scroll down to What Is Directed Time?

    See page 17 of this Union (NUT) document
  4. Actually, it is your school who should eb able to provide this information.
    All schools are required to produce an annual Directed Time budget which gives details of exactly how the school plans out the 1265 hours over the 195 days in the school year.
    Further, STPCD mentions that teachers are "entitled to a break of reasonable length" as near as possible ot the middle of the school day or between the morning and afternoon sessions. No mention is made of morning or afternoon playtimes, which are breaks for the children, not the staff.
  5. many thanks to everyone ... we have only just received a document showing where the 1265 hrs are allocated .... i was amazed to see that the time allocated for ks1 playtimes had been taken off the hours which are directed for all members of staff......
    Working time budget
    190 school days from 8.30 – 3.45 (5 hrs 55 mins per day) 1124 hours 10 mins
    5 INSET days 27 hours 30 mins
    32 PDMs 32 hours
    2 Parents Evenings 6 hours
    Playground duty 12 hours 40 mins
    Total 1202 hours 20 mins
    whereas directed time in school is actually 12 short of the max of 1265hrs

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