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121 Y7/Y8

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by joannagb, Jan 15, 2016.

  1. joannagb

    joannagb Occasional commenter

    Hi all,
    I'm starting work with a child on Monday who is not currently attending school and my job is to tutor him through the work that he's missed and then keep him moving forwards. It's a huge job and while I'm really up for it there are some gaps in my immediate knowledge.
    He missed most of Y7, he's now in Y8. I'm starting with some topical work surrounding a subject which I know interests him and will build in maths, English and science into that.
    What I'd really like to know - as I probably don't have enough time to order books etc about it, is what are the most important / basic skills from Y7 science. I can do maths and English but my science is rusty and out of date.
    Thanks very much.
  2. acthell

    acthell New commenter

    Our year 7 curriculum covers metals and non metals, parts of human body, basic circuits. Have a look at ks3 cgp books. Or ks2 science if he's missed that much.
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  3. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    Working with younger ones I found this site http://www.senteacher.org/freeware/science/ handy and particularly the GCompris Science - I never mastered the full electric circuit stuff myself... Worth taking a look even though you have an older pupil.
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  4. joannagb

    joannagb Occasional commenter

    Thanks for your help

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