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12 weeks agency workers rights

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Jun 14, 2012.

  1. Yes I was at a school for 12 weeks and a bit longer but after arguing with the agency who came up with a string of excuses the school suddenly didn't need me any longer. The main excuse was I was being g paid as a teacher but actually taking the role of a CS/HLTA delivering PPA which had been planned and they were prepare not to drop my rate but wouldn't pay to scale. My planned lessons were often a joke and I'm not sure how anyone without teaching experience could use the plans as they stood, often an objective and a pile of worksheets which would take up 15 minutes if a 1 hour lesson!!
  2. Pennyforyourthoughts

    Pennyforyourthoughts Occasional commenter

    As I work in several schools it is unlikely that I will get to 12 weeks with any of them unless I am booked for a long term posting. As the Agencies have to source the extra pay back from the schools it will depend entirely whether the school is prepared to pay the extra and it sounds as if they are within their rights to terminate any Agency worker. Now if you are direct with the school then that's a different matter as the school cannot terminate your employment on the basis that they do not want to pay you a higher rate after 12 weeks should they have to do so. ITS A PAY WAR ZONE in education of late.... although I was not allowed to downgrade myself in order to continue working in certain schools past the 12 weeks. Surely we should be able to agree with the Agencies and Schools what we are prepared to work for .... after all it better to be working than not. I would have thought that negotiable rates was a good way to proceed in present climate.... BUT NO...............
  3. I am covering a maternity leave this term. I am being paid almost to scale. The agency assures me it is correct but I think it is a little short. However it's close enough that I am pleased. The school knew they would have to pay it and were happy to do so. I am on UPS2.
  4. Complicated... looks like I will probably transfer to county list for the last six weeks of term (including this one).. but refusing until I get back pay of £834 for the three weeks before half term when I was paid £100 per day. Agency made the school write a job role on as they said the role was an NQT 1 and £100 a day (£19,500) per year was correct as they divide salary by 236 days not 195. NUT desperate to take an agency to court. The transfer to county list is a compromise, but as I will have to wait two months to get paid (from weekly agency pay). I need the back pay to get by... although probably have just enough money to squeeze through from lodger and other jobs.
  5. sparklyeyes

    sparklyeyes New commenter

    The way I understand it is this: if the job is going to continue after the 12 weeks and they get rid of one person to take another on, they are in the wrong - the school that is
  6. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Yes. After twelve weeks on agency pay I switched to scale pay. In my case the school did some maths and worked out that it was cheaper to pay the agency's introduction fee and move me onto a LEA supply contract than it was to keep paying agency fees.
  7. What happens if the school wants to employ you as a supply teacher once the agency has introduced you. Do they then always have to go through the agency? Surely the school and the teacher should be able to liaise with each other without the agency's involvement.
    Schools could pay a one-off fee then if they want to do this.
  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Interesting question - I'm pretty certain the introduction fee severs any ties with the agency as far as that me and that particular school are concerned. As it happens I've been offered a job there for September, but had that not been available I'd have had no qualms about organising future supply work directly with the school to save them paying the agency fee.
  9. It is money for old rope isn't it? Once the agency has "interviewed" teachers and ascertained what sort of work they want, it's just a question of making phone calls. I really struggle to see how these agencies have sprung up. They're completely unnecessary.
    What was wrong with the LEA having a supply pool?
  10. That's actually quite good. I was once £190/£95 On a summer worky placement thing, the agency were getting about 1/5 more than me as well. The thing is that the school only want someone to turn up ASAP, they don't give a toss about how much you are being raped. That's something for your union (lol) and worker's rights legislation. The fact is that both of the latter do not favour the interest of the worker. If they did, you probably wouldn't be working at all.
  11. stan-dards

    stan-dards New commenter

    Why do they divide salary by 236 There are only 195 teaching days so it should be divided by 195.Unless anyone else knows different

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