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12 month contract

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by emmadrg, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    This is very common. A lot of schools take on NQTs on one-year temporary contracts and state "curriculum need" as the reason for the post (someone needs to teach the classes). If the school roll numbers fall, or there is less demand for your subject at KS4 or KS5 (from a secondary point of view) then your job is no longer needed.
    If you like the school and want to stay then apply for it. But don't assume that they will give it to you. If they liked you that much they would offer it to you without advertising externally (they don't need to do that by law, or at least I don't think they need to).
    Someone with more experience may be able to advise further about where you stand legally.
  2. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    I will be applying but have had some dodgy obs from my co-ordinator so I'm not too confident. If they gave me a 1 year contract due to curriculum need yet employ someone else then that seems a bit dodgy to me.
  3. emmadrg

    emmadrg New commenter

    It happened to me last year. Got promised the Earth and given nothing. Almost destroyed every shred of confidence I had.
    Good luck with your application, but apply for jobs in other schools as well.

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