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11+ tutoring

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by katiekitkat, May 10, 2019.

  1. katiekitkat

    katiekitkat New commenter

    I have been tutoring for a while now and am finishing my teaching job this summer, in order to develop a tuition business. I’ve had quite a few requests for 11+ tutoring but as I have no experience in this field I have turned them down. I wondered whether anyone out there who tutors 11+ knows of any training that can be undertaken? I also wondered if becoming a marker would be a good move but can’t find anything on line about this.
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  2. alsoamum

    alsoamum Occasional commenter

    I tutor a lot of 11+. I have just taught myself to be honest. The Maths and English aren't that different from year 5/6 and there are lots of websites and guides out there which are helpful in terms of VR and NVR. Depending on where you live, some 11 plus exams are marked by computer, like in Kent.
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  3. suzette

    suzette Occasional commenter

    I tutor 11+ English students & to be honest, I was self taught. It's quite straightforward to teach, in that the tests are designed to test a students knowledge in a similar way to the GCSE's, but on a smaller scale.

    Therefore they test your creative writing skills, comprehension skills & verbal reasoning skills. (VR). The VR can be things like synonyms/antonyms knowledge, how to work out logical word sequences. If you go onto the website Bond that publishes most of the 11+ English/Maths books, they have tons of free sample papers you can download & have a look at/or try yourself to see if it's your thing or not.
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  4. katiekitkat

    katiekitkat New commenter

    That’s really helpful. Thanks
  5. disneyfan

    disneyfan New commenter


    Where I live in Essex, the grammar schools do marking in house. I contacted one directly last year and picked up 2 days marking ( I teach 0.6 so just marked on days I wasn’t at work). It meant I understood the mark scheme and process better and gave me an idea of the spread of the marks achieved.

    Definitely worth trying the schools direct around now as have recently been contacted regarding marking again in September.

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