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11 teaching days left.....

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by louisea, Jul 5, 2012.

  1. louisea

    louisea New commenter

    I love my job and this year in reception has been my favourite year -out of 16 yrs of teaching! But I am so tired.....my eyelid keeps twitching and I'm sleeping like a log.

    I am sooooo looking forward to the holidays.
  2. oni44

    oni44 New commenter

    You deserve it , hope you enjoy your last few days. What did you enjoy most about reception. I will have my first ever class in September and its in reception. Any words of wisdom.
  3. warmandfuzzy

    warmandfuzzy New commenter

    It's my last 11 days in Reception.....
  4. LauraJeanD

    LauraJeanD New commenter

    I have 2 makaton training days so I only have 9 days. The idea of it is making me really emotional as they're my first class and I will miss them terribly. Sigh :( I doubt I could ever love my next class as much.
  5. louisea

    louisea New commenter

    I loved watching these quiet, pensive children become confident explorers.
    I loved planning activities that they found so exciting, looking for frogspawn and tadpoles, looking at ice outside, making dens using material and pegs that the kids repeated over and over again. The way they learnt didn't happen in one lesson or even one day but was a process that happened over time - for some a long time!
    It was all wonderful, and I'm going to do it all again next year!
  6. I've had a wonderful and tiring year year in Reception too. It's been fantastic to look back through their learning journals this week to see just how much progress they've all made.
    Can not wait to get started on developing my practice further, going into new year!

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