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£1000, then nothing

Discussion in 'Tes Authors' Group' started by PhysicsDrills, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. PhysicsDrills

    PhysicsDrills New commenter

    Yes, this is another 'why have my sales stalled' thread.

    Last year from September to September I earned £1000 selling my resources. In October this year, the sales abruptly stopped.

    My resources are still just as relevent as they ever were, still have outstanding ratings, but I'm getting very few view and no sales. I even slashed the price of them, rebranded my shop, set up social media accounts to try to generate some interest, but nothing seems to help.

    I suspect TES's search algorithms favour newer resources, but mine are still perfectly relevant. I would be tremendously surprised if EVERY physics teacher had downloaded them so there're no customers left!

    I've been selling resouces for a few years now and saw steady increases in sales until October this year, when it abruptly stopped. What's going on?
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  2. Nik_Bernaz

    Nik_Bernaz New commenter

    I feel for you.

    I just made a similar post in another thread, saying that I uploaded a resource 12 hours ago, and search for some of the keywords returns nothing, except some Halloween stuff.

    There are serious issues with this site and TES' response to them is to cut royalties. I don't mind losing a bit of money for my resources to be seen, but how on earth can we make sales if we don't appear in the search ?
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  3. nwilkin

    nwilkin Occasional commenter

    Has a competitor uploaded similar resources that are better, cheaper or just marketed really well? Have you noticed anyone who is constantly at the top of the searches when you type in keywords? See what they are doing.

    I know international sales have slowed for lots, the search algorithum seems to favour authors from within the countries the customer is located, could it be that?

    I also know TES is growing and profits are increasing, but there is more competition so you need to make sure your resources are visible. Look at your titles and make sure they are things people will actually type in to search for, use covers that will help people know why they should click on your resource and descriptions that contain keywords and explain why your resources are worth buying.

    It might be worth attending the Authors train Authors event in London on Saturday 26th January, if you can get there (https://community.tes.com/threads/authors-train-authors-save-the-date.783995/). I am one of the speakers and I know the other two who are also speaking and will give great advice on how to make your store more visible and hopefully profitable.

    Hope that helps and good luck .
    Last edited: Dec 9, 2018
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