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1 year old (almost 13 months) sleep just suddenly gone to total pot!

Discussion in 'Parenting' started by Coolgiraffe, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter


    My LO used to sleep wonderfully too and her first tooth cut about a month ago at 13 months, closely followed by another one a week or two later. At that time sleeping was impossible for her, she's had all sorts of cold viruses too. This added to new anxieties that they get at that age e.g separation, vivid dreams and nightmares etc, and also some new skills were developing like standing up and starting to say a new word. Anyway, long story short, we had to revert back to controlled crying. This taught her that once we'd checked she was ok or had given her something for teething pain that we meant business and it was time for sleep. We got through the phase and now she is sleeping well again. Have you tried teething granules such as nelsons? They help her without using calpol that often. Maybe your LO is having a developmental leap or something. When mine learnt to stand up in the cot it was awful for us but she just wanted to keep practising!

    I would try a dab of teething gel, some granules and then some crying it out xxxx
  2. Yeah I've had to resort to controlled crying... but having to crawl across the landing on my hands and knees so I'm not spotted going to the loo is ridiculous (and makes me realise how badly I need to hoover the upstairs landing as well). I had to resort to buying a new pushchair to cheer me up this afternoon!

    Don't think we're near standing up or walking yet - but these teeth are so near and yet so far from coming through... and these are only the first couple - is there enough wine in the world to sustain me through all of this plus trying to sort out our little refluxer.
  3. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I know what you mean! I've just started a glass of rosé!

    You'll be surprised how quickly the pulling up to standing comes on, it could be very soon. We found the long awaited first tooth was quite painful for her and caused lots of unsettled night wakings but the next one came through easily and with little fuss. Incidentally she now has one top tooth and one bottom one! Visions of your crawling across the landing have made my evening! Poor you though! With a new baby too, awwww! Wish I could pop round and lend a hand but my hands are full too. Well done on treating yourself to a pushchair! Xxx
  4. It's probably just teething. Yes it's awful and can seem to go on for weeks.....but it does get better. And all of a sudden she'll start sleeping better again. And then another tooth will cause disruption for a while. As others have said - you just have to ride it out and do what you can to get through it. My LO was never a good sleeper (he's 20months now) and looking back I do put a lot of it down to teething. He sleeps much better now but still gets unsettled some nights - but it's always when there's something happening with teeth. Remember - it will pass. Not much help I know but in a few weeks the teeth will be through and you'll have an easier time for a while x
  5. If its teething I would calpol her up to see if that makes a difference, although I imagine you've tried that already. ..... They are all different my 15 month old sleeps for 13 hours a night not that I'm smug (or lying) as I realise this can go wrong BUT she's a female reincarnation of my younger brother so I suspect it won't. My other one has always slept well to (although not like this one). Sounds a nightmare mr f, hope it sorts itself out soon.
  6. TOTALLY agree- I think having a sleeping baby is seen as a sign of better parenthood.... it really, really isn't and certainly nothing to be smug about or to try and make others feel bad about (this could turn into a rant, can you tell?!!) You will get there- my first was not a 'good' sleeper at all but we finally got there.... and pop, out came another :)
  7. Chica77

    Chica77 New commenter

    lol same here! My son, now nearly 4, was never a good sleeper, and even now he sometimes wakes in the night for a drink. When we had really bad nights we usually put it down to teething or illness, although he never seemed that affected by teething.
    My daughter, who'll be 2 next Sunday, was a terrible sleeper until 10 months old, waking at least 4 times every night, until we put her in a room with her brother, and then she was much better. She's always been badly affected by teething - temperature, rosy cheeks,chewing her finger, lots of tantrums etc - so we've had lots of bad nights with her because of this! Calpol, teething powders etc definitely helped.
    Any bad sleeping phase is usually just that - a phase - and will get better.
  8. Well we seem to be relatively back to normal with the GETTING to sleep thing, and the middle of the night stuff's died back down to a sing song cot party at 4am for half an hour before zonking back out (it's very cute, lots of contented strings of babble being sung through the baby monitor, a few jangles from one of the toys in her cot and then she goes back off like a light)... but gawd - going to the loo on a night has become like trying to sneak in late from the pub when your parents are asleep in the house! The crawling across the landing is becoming a regular occurrence (thankfully there's a 3 foot high teddy bear - thanks Gran for giving me THAT to store - whose ears partially block the view of the tiny gap where the door swings back open slightly and you have to hide behind that to get across there to take a pee)!

    STILL these two teeth refuse to cut - there's so much visible just under the gum I'm convinced they're taunting me now!
  9. My 13 month old boy is acting very similar. He has always been an amazing sleeper at night sleeping 7-7 from 10 weeks with no waking. However I can always tell when he is going through a developmental milestone as his day naps are horrible. He will stand up constantly refusing to sleep but always appears happy. It can take up to an hour plus to settle him to sleep or he just doesn't sleep at all. Previously he was sleeping 30 mins in the morning and 2-2.5 hours in the afternoon. He is waking for brief periods in the night too but resettles himself within 30 seconds. He has become very clingy and emotional. I believe it is 100% development not teething as he has 17 teeth already and they didn't cause this much hassle. When he went through a similar stage at 8 months it lasted for about 6 weeks. The Wonder Weeks chart is very interesting, google and see how your child tracks in comparison to development stages for when she was born.

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