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1 year contract

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by mickymilan, Jun 28, 2011.

  1. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    Hi people, I've recently accepted a job to complete my NQT year, but only on a 1 year contract as they want to see 'how I get on'. I know I've been lucky in the current climate but was wondering if there was anyone who knows the intricacies this type of contract. Once the year is up, assuming I pass, are they obliged to give me a permanent contract or do they readvertise. As usual I'm looking for the negatives.....
  2. littlemissraw

    littlemissraw Occasional commenter

    I think its a positive as they have no reason to try and fail you if your face doesn't fit. Usually they should have some idea if they'll want you from about Jan/Feb so ask then and if not start looking for jobs until you have something firm that you are staying. You'll get your NQT done have a years experience etc so stop worrying and get out and celebrate!! x
  3. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    If you pass Induction and see out the year, they will keep you on (without re-advertising) if they are happy with you and still have aneed for someone with your specialism.
    If they need to reduce staff (because of falling rolls etc) your contract might not be renewed but you should be given enough notice of this to allow you to look for follow-on work.
    1 year contracts are almost the norm these days for NQTs and other new staff.
  4. I know what you mean, everyone wants to feel secure and know for sure they won't have to do this horrible job applying process again...however, see as a chance for you too. I mean, if you don't like the school or don't feel like you belong there, you can leave more easily at the end of the one year contract. Although I am hoping it works out great and you love your class and the school and have a fab NQT year, do see this as a positive! I am still searching for a September job, but I too would still be feeling like you if offered a one year contract even if I'm desperate. Just go for it, enjoy it!
  5. Talc_1234

    Talc_1234 New commenter

    You have a one year contract so when your contract finishes they can say goodbye.
    Start job hunting next February, If you are any good then you can be sure that they will offer you a permanent job pretty quickly
    However don't be suprised if they say goodbye and take next year's NQT
  6. It is very common for schools to provide one year fixed contracts for NQTs in reality there is no reason to do so. If you fail induction your post can be terminated within days so there is no danger of a failed NQT keeping a permanent job. What many schools do not seem to realise is that if they wish to terminate a fixed contract and just employ someone else they must have good reason for not continuing the contract with the original postholder. See the advice from the NUT on this below:
    "The non-renewal of a fixed-term contract is in law a dismissal for all employment protection purposes. Providing you have one year’s continuous employment, you have the right not to be unfairly dismissed and to make a complaint of unfair dismissal if your employer fails to renew your contract without giving you a fair reason.
    <font face="ArialMS">
    A &ldquo;fair&rdquo; dismissal would be, for example, on the return of the substantive post holder or the completion of the job for which the contract was given. Dismissal might be unfair if your contract was not renewed but another person was appointed to do the job on another fixed-term contract."
    One day a NQT who passes induction and who does not have their fixed term contract renewed will sue and heaven help the school if they do not have good reason for not renewing the contract - you face didn't fit does not do it!
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  7. mickymilan

    mickymilan New commenter

    thanks for the replies
  8. jubileebabe

    jubileebabe New commenter

    Presumably the one year contract ends at the end of the summer hols?
  9. Dear James
    This happened to me. I was given a one year fixed term contract when I was an NQT. A senior member of the department had recently had a year's maternity leave and had had decided they did not want to return and resigned. I was employed on a temporary contract because they "didn't know if they wanted a permanent post in the department or not for budget reasons." At the end of my year the school advertised the post again. The person who had previously left applied and they got the (my!) job. It seemed that not only was the above rule not applied but even that the post was deliberately made "temporary" to give the original member of the department an extra year "off" before being re-employed.
    I asked my union rep about it citing the rule above and they said it couldn't be enforced (although they didn't seem to actually understand it or think it applied). They also said that the school had acted badly but that they thought that it was enough to stay within the law. I felt completely used.
  10. Is there a difference between a one year temporary contract and a one year fixed term contract?

    If they both start on 1st september and finish on 31st august?

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