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1 year Contract. - non renewel

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Khiya, Jul 3, 2011.

  1. Hi,I would just like some advice on my current situation.
    orginally came in as a supply teacher at the school I am currently
    working at. I started in March and decided to stay on for the summer
    term on the basis that they would complete my NQT year. During that
    time, the position I was supplying for was advertised as a permanent
    position and after an interview and an observed lesson, I was able to
    get the job.
    Unfortunately, the school decided not to offer me
    the permanent position advertised but instead decided to offer me a one
    year contract. I didn't think much of it at the time because I felt
    that maybe they wanted to see how I did overall - there had been
    repeated absenses from a member of the department.
    I was then
    told a few weeks later that I would still be working under the supply
    agency for the first half autumn term because the agency needed a
    release fee.
    Anyway, this year went well and although I wasn't a
    great teacher, I and others in the department felt I had done a good
    job - I certainly wasn't an unsatisfactory teacher and my attendance
    and punctuality was great.
    I asked the head of department many
    times about the renewel of my contract but he was told to come back and
    ask again later. Nothing had been decided. There had been other issues
    outside the department that made management a bit insecure.
    after the Summer half term, I was told that my job and another's job (a
    staff who had left abruptly due to personal reasons) would be
    readvertised and I would have to reapply. Had they told me earlier that
    the work I had done this year would'nt be taken into consideration, I
    would have grudglingly started to apply elsewhere. I really loved the

    The job was interview based (no lesson observation) and I did
    not get the job. It was offered to would-be-nqt's at the start of next
    I understand that my interview wasn't great - I was
    nervous but surely action speaks louder than words? Throughout the year
    I've worked hard by coming in during the holidays and doing revision
    classes after school. The results of my students have been good too. I
    have a great relationship with the department and with the members of
    staff in general. The school is a wonderful place to work. The members
    of staff were shocked to know that I had to go through an interview and
    even more shocked to know I hadn't got the job. Ofcourse, I'm also very
    unhappy and am without a job in September.
    I've contacted my
    union and will be having a meeting with the head soon. I would really
    like some advise on key points to ask during this meeting.
  2. The chances are reasonable that they simply wanted someone cheaper. Now that you are going up the pay scale there are newer members who cost less. It's a sad fact of life.
    However, I would still ask for a full and frank discussion about why you weren't appointed. Presumably you have feedback from lesson observations you've had. You could refer to your teaching as having been shown to be satisfactory. You can point out all the extra-curricular things you have done and how well you have got on with colleagues etc. Point out any new initiaitves you've implemented. Then ask quite bluntly why they didn't choose you. If nothing else it will help you when you interview for your next job.
    Good luck. Been there and it's not nice.
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    If I read this correctly you have been at the school for over a year. You therefore have employment rights. The union will have better information than I do, but this looks to me like unfair dismissal.
  4. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    If I read it correctly they were employed on an agency contract for 1/2 of the year and then by the school for the remaining half.
  5. Just wondering: you had been at that school for a year - why were you nervous at the interview?
    If the appointing process was interview based then taking your "actions" into consideration would have put the other candidates at great disadvantage, wouldn't they? By this you are saying that you should have got the job without applying for it. However, the school was obviously uncertain about you, otherwise they wouldn't have advertised your job in the first place.

  6. Don't take it personally. The consequence of the current Govt implies that school budgets are very tight and a difference of even one point on the pay scale will save them a grand or two (more if they appoint a Teach First/GTP etc.)

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