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1 week enough for getting ready in new country before job starts?

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Woollyhoolly, Jan 20, 2011.

  1. Help!
    Have a trip booked for Brazil (23 Jul- 8 aug) but looking to find a post in a another country this year... just don't know yet where- ooooh, exciting! I am aware that a lot of the schools have a mid August start- will 1 week be enough for me to get settled in before the job starts or will most employers expect me there sooner?
    Please tell me 1 week's enough- Can't miss my Brazil trip! [​IMG]
  2. silverfern

    silverfern New commenter

    Though students might start classes mid-August, schools usually have training days before then, and some schools even run training for new teachers earlier than that.
    Have you taught the curriculum before, or will you have lots of reading and preparation to do beforehand? Will you be an HOD, and therefore possibly more pre-school-year organising to do? Will you have to hunt for an apartment or will you have one organised already? How much time will it take to do things like setting up bank accounts, power/phone/internet? How much time will you need once term starts (ie. will you have after-school time to get your new life organised, or do you need to get everything sorted before term starts?).
    I imagine there are people who do it both ways; some opt for the longest holiday possible and don't mind a bit of busyness in week one; others are happy to sacrifice a few days for a less-frantic start.
    If you don't know what schools you're applying for, it's pretty difficult to predict what the start-date will be!
  3. I suppose it's advisable to ask schools when they expect me in the country if invited to interview... can't really worrie about it before I know where I'm going.... [​IMG]

  4. worry that is- before someone else spots my spelling mistaick

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