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1 to 1 tuition with looked after children? Any experience?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by crusell, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. crusell

    crusell New commenter

    fnd out what they're interested in e.g football, mechanics, hairdressing and build resources round that. skillsworkshop.org is an excellent site that has loads of downloadable resources,if you have any counselling or therapy training that's really useful, do a lot of modelling of tasks,thinking aloud , demonstrating etc, relationship building is the key.
  2. From personal experience, I would say beware! I have done this twice: once through an supply agency and once through a tuition agency. The supply agency had a contract to provide this sort of tuition but found the funding cut off after a few weeks. The agency made the plea that 'we cannot pay you until the LA pays us'. Needless to say, I am still waiting.
    The tuition agency originally offered the same rate as the Govt 1-2-1 tuition scheme, about £25 - 30 ph. However, this soon got whittled down to £8 ph, so I did not bother,: two hours after school hardly pays fro transport costs, let along preparation etc.
    There is a Govt register of 1-2-1 tutors, all of which must be QTs, that you can join, as did I, June. i have had a couple of referals to schools from this, but neither of these developed into anything. The one school to reply said that they were not going ahead with the tuition as the Govt money had not materialised.
  3. Forgot to mention. You well might incur additional expenses for BRB checks. The LA might want to run its own check on you, as might social services and even, perhaps, the library, or whatever venue, you are using. With me, it was the LA who asked for an additional check.

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