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1/3 of cohort should already be writing at level 1c/b?

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by cariad2, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. cariad2

    cariad2 New commenter

    Why on earth do Ofsted want you to level children against National Curriculum levels, when that is not the curriculum they are studying? It sounds as if the inspectors haven't read the EYFS documentation.
  2. April Fool(s)!!!
  3. no really thats what she said, to make sure that 1/3 are level 3 in y2.
    She said this on wed so no april fool!
    She actually said 1/3 should be 2c by now so I questionned it and she said no I mean 1c/b

  4. Do you think she was in the right class? Sounds like she had lost the plot nevermind her way around your school building!

  5. afraid not...she came to talk to me about early years in my classroom....she was just being mean!!!
  6. mystery10

    mystery10 Occasional commenter

    So her calculation is probably that one-third of your class should be 3c at the end of year 2. Assume 2 sub-levels progress per annum, and this works backwards to be 1a at the end of reception. We are one term before that so 1b/1c.
    Saying 2c was presumably just a slip of the tongue.

    It all sounds crazy, but there is an undeniable likelihood that this OFSTED inspector said it, meant it and that schools will be pushed to have more children at the higher NC levels than before at the end of Year 1, and this will be achieved by pushing reception classes to achieve something more akin to level 1s at the end of the reception year. It has always been my gut-feeling that this is what would happen on change of Govmt, as if you were looking for somewhere you might be able to push on a bit to raise NC levels, end reception and early year 1 is where someone might look in and go "ah that's where we can squeeze out more". I am not saying this is my opinion, just that this is a possible area for an onlooker to go aah, we can cut some slack out of the system there, rightly or wrongly.
    I have been through similar thinking myself (out of desperation) as a parent of a year 2 child I have had the school quoting this kind of 2 sub-levels per annum stuff to me, and grouping the children accordingly. At some point fairly early in the Autumn of year 1 they assess the children according to NC levels and then do their targets for end year 2, and then put the children in groups accordingly.
    And I kind of thought to myself, well if that is how you are going to do it, why not gear up reception to cover the level 1 material with the right children?
    As a parent it has feel that the best thing to do is decide what grade I want my second child to be at the end of Year 2, work backwards 4 sublevels, and make sure for myself that my child has achieved this in literacy and numeracy by the end of the summer holiday before they enter year 1!! Trouble is, my child won't agree to do that kind of thing at home with me in the holidays. But I do know they'd probably quite happily do it in the reception class, so long as it could either be done in the sandpit, or the sandpit was removed as an option.
    I know EYPFS and KS1 is different, but is it really that impossible to look at the kind of stuff you need to do to get 1c, 1b, and 1a at KS1 and work on it in an EYFS kind of appropriate way in the last term of reception?

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