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0.8 and CPD/twilights

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by international_muso, Jan 1, 2020.

  1. international_muso

    international_muso New commenter

    I am on a 0.8 contract and all of the CPD, twilights and parents evenings have been scheduled for the days I usually work.

    Do I have to attend all of them along with the full time staff or am I within my rights to ask the headteacher if I can work 0.8 of them over the academic year?
  2. Abitofeverything

    Abitofeverything Occasional commenter

    I believe you only have to work 0.8 of them. For me, if I have a good relationship with the school, I would probably do all of them. But that's the problem with us teachers!
  3. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    Assuming you are under STPCD, then the basic answer is yes, you do attend all of the things that fall on the days you work. And no, you don't attend ones on days you do not.
    However there will be cases, like yours, where due to scheduling of events lots of things do fall on your working days (a common example would be day off on Fri and not many meetings etc are on Fridays)
    It IS the case that your total directed time should be 0.8 of that of a Full Timer (1265 hours) - so yours would be 1012 hours.
    It IS NOT the case however that each element needs to be 0.8 (ie you do 0.8 of the parents evenings, 0.8 of the twilights etc); however the total should not exceed your 0.8x1265 hours.
    Add up all of the hours you will work and see what it comes to.
    In my school we have written into the pay policy that in such a scenario part-timers can claim for payment for hours worked in excess of their proportion of 1265.
  4. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    I can't access STPCD at the moment but my recollection is...

    If you work 0.8 you must attend all CPD or other meetings that that take place during normal school session times on days that you usually work. So if the 5 INSET days were all scheduled for days you normally work and the INSET ran, e.g., from 9am to 3pm you would be required to attend all 5, not just 0.8 of them. (I realise this isn't what's happened to you as yours have been scheduled as twilights outside normal school session times.)

    Meetings etc outside normal school session times you are only required to attend a maximum of 0.8 of them, and then only if:

    (a) The meetings etc are on days you normally work, and

    (b) Your directed time in all does not exceed 0.8 of 1265 hours
  5. international_muso

    international_muso New commenter

    Thank you for the replies. I think I’ll keep a spreadsheet of all the hours I work and if it exceeds the 0.8 I’ll speak to the headteacher.

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