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0.4 week - Massive Dilemma!

Discussion in 'Part-time and job share' started by Dannabelle, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Dannabelle

    Dannabelle New commenter

    Has anyone any experience of working 0.4?
    This is the only availability I have to work at a school I love. I understand the most obvious that I will get 0.4 of what I earn.
    I am on this forum looking for insight into how it actually fairs in terms of workload and frees and how much extra work I will be doing on my days off.
    Do you end up missing too much important information? Does anyone recommend it?
    I am thinking if they put it in 2 days like they said that means I have 3 days to find other work, either supply or another part time role (there is one advertised). Has anyone done anything like this (worked two different 0.4 jobs)
    I am new to teaching so I am wondering if I do work two part time jobs I might end up stressed from the planning/marking.
    This may seem optimistic but i think it could be nice to get the change mid week.
    I also really like the idea of the day off (but again this could just turn out to be an unpaid day of work.)

    Also the plot thickens because there is also a full time job advertised in a local school recently Ofsteaded at Good that I could be a good match for.
    I am inclined to just go for this instead, but I could be walking away from a place that I love with kids I love to teach.
    I know I am not in the worst situation but the head is pushing me for an answer and actually I am massively stressed about what to say especially as I don't know which posts I may be successful for so i might just be better off staying even though there are better options.
  2. Lucilla90

    Lucilla90 Occasional commenter

    I’m doing a temporary 0.4. Supply has quickly taught me to be disciplined i.e. morning marking gets done at lunchtime, any other marking straight after school and any prep gets done whilst I am in school. This can mean being a bit distant from colleagues, but otherwise you could easily end up spreading the work too much.

    You would need to attend meetings ( on the days you are in) and do all the other roles of a teacher, duties, assemblies, parents’ evening, reports etc...I had a head who used to like job-share, because that head believed you actually get more than the given proportion of work out of each teacher. It’s probably true.

    I don’t think I could do two separate part-time jobs, but supply on the other days does give a nice balance and variety. If it’s at the end of the week, the school staff sort of see it as your first day, so expect you to be bright-eyed, but you might be exhausted from all the other work.

    The other thing is, to be sure it’s definitely two straight days, not four mornings or something.
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  3. Jamvic

    Jamvic Star commenter

    If you really love it there I would go for the definite 0.4 and look to up your days in the future. A bird in the hand and all that. Just make sure that you will get two full consecutive days though if you are thinking of making up the week elsewhere. 0.4 doesn’t have to mean this and could end up being 4 half days where you are expected to be in school.
  4. JohnJCazorla

    JohnJCazorla Star commenter

    Mrs Cazorla has finally given up teaching from a part-time 0.6 (3 whole days) in Secondary. Even with this 'lighter' workload she was still spending far too long marking and planning, frequently past midnight. Poor time-management had a lot to do with this but make sure you don't give the school too much time 'because you can'. Just enough is still necessary, especially if you want to fill up the other 0.6.

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