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0.4 Part- time Teacher- What extra hours am I expected to do?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by imogenebony, Oct 26, 2009.

  1. <font face="Times New Roman">I work at a middle school on a 0.4 contract. (One full day per week, 1 morning and 1 afternoon). I am very confused about what additional work I have to do so that I fulfil my contractual agreement. </font><font face="Times New Roman">Do I have to work on days that I would not normally be in school, if this day falls on a training day? There is one such event in the near future that I have been told I am to attend. The parents have been invited into school to meet their child's form teacher and the training day has been called Parents Consultation Day. Additionally do I have to attend parent&rsquo;s evenings, again when these are not on the day when I normally work and even if I do not teach the year group the parents evening is aimed at? </font><font face="Times New Roman">I have been told by the school that a full time teacher works 10 days in addition to the days the pupils are in school when they are teaching. As I am on a 0.4 contract I am expected to work 4 extra days. Is this correct? My contract for last year when I worked full time stated 5 days when the pupils were not in school. </font> I have read various online documents aimed at Part-time teachers. However to me they make little sense and give no clear examples of what is expected and what isn't.
    Any help appreciated.

  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    You absolutely CANNOT be made to work on day that you are not normally in school. You may be unable to do so because, for instance, you work p/t in another school on those days or in another job etc.
    You can choose to go to INSET etc on days when you would not normally work but they have to pay you for it. You fill in a casual/supply worker timesheet fort hsoe days and a full day would be paid at your annual f/t equivalent salary divided by 195 (that includes a pro-rata holiday pay amount for the extra day worked).
    If you agree to work additional hours for parents' evening on non-work days, you will either be paid the daily rate divided by 5 for each hour worked or the annual f/t equivalent pay divided by 1265 for each hour worked.
    If you agree to work an evening on a day when you only work the morning, ask your Union (or check Teachers Pay and Conditions) abooout Trapped Time at school if it's not feasible to go home in between. If you do return home for the afternoon, you should claim mileage for the second return trip to work that you have to make that day.
    As to the extra hours that the Head CAN expect you to work ... as you are 0.4 and total Directed Hours for a full-timer are 1265, your four tenths of that amounts to 506 Directed Hours.
    Add up your timetabled hours, your PPA, break times during your working sessions (but not lunch break times as that is unpaid and your own time), registration/form tutor times (even if you don't have a form you you include that time if it is within your session and be prepared to do any work requested whenever they ask you in that time) and time from the start of any staff briefings that you are expected to attend on your work days.
    Take the resulting total away from 506 and you end up with the number of hours that the Head can direct where you should be and what you should be doing on your scheduled work days. If none of the INSET , department meetings or Parents' evenings are on your work days, that is not your fault. The school should arrange things so that some of them fall on your work days if they expect you to work your 0.4 share of non-lesson teacher commitments.
    Your Union is the best place to contact for reinforcement of the regulations.
    Unless it's on a work day and they direct you to be part of general support, welcoming and directing parents etc, you are unlikely to be expected to attend if you don't teach that year group.
    Pupils generally have 190 days in school and an additional 5 days are INSET. Schools can reduce the pupil days by a few days. I was at one school where they did a parent's day instead of a parent's evening and all the parents were seen, with their child, by one member of staff who reviewed their school progress in every subject and set targets for the next year. That day with no teaching was in addition to the 5 INSET days.
    Some schools have INSET EVERY YEAR ON A FRIDAY OR A mONDAY (THEY CAN CHOOSE THE DAYS THEMSELVES) and f/t teachers are not working extra days when they attend those INSET days. They are already scheduled work days for them.
    In the working week of any INSET that does not fall on your work days, you will still be working your 0.4 of the week.
    They must use up your spare Directed hours on your work days or pay you for attending on the other days of the week.
    Does your contract just specify 0.4 or does it additionally specify that the 0.4 is to be spraed over no more than 3 days, for instance. If not, the danger is that they will schedule another school year as working 0.4 spraed over 5 days so that they can require your attendance. however,they'd have to pay you extra if you are timetabled for 2 hours and agree to stay for a full INSET.
    UNION, UNION, UNION before you front up to the Head on this. The union can also contact the school direct and refresh their memory on how they can direct p/t workers!

  3. Is this true? I work part-time (3 days) and several of our parents evenings were on non-work days last year. I don't question my need to attend these, but should i have been paid extra even if it is within my directed hours budget? Would certainly be handy given the additional childcare costs.
    With regard to inset days, if we 'choose' to attend one (interesting topic etc), can the school say yes you can attend but we won't pay you, or are they obliged to both let us attend and pay?
    Thanks for any comments!
  4. I am really disappointed nobody has answered your last question. I'm in exactly the same situation as you. My union say that the school has to pay me for all training the Head requires me to undertake, but my Head has managed to wriggle out of paying me for loads of time so far, with various excuses including "it is your responsibility to keep up to date with training so I won't pay". All pay issues regarding part timers seem to be grey issues!!!
  5. coppull

    coppull New commenter

    Always quote School Teachers' Pay Conditions Document 2009 Paragraph 74.7
    No teachers employed part-time may be required to be available for work on any day of the week or part of any day the week that the teacher is not normally required to be at work under their contract of employment(whether it is for the purposes of teaching pupils and performing other duties or for the sole purpose of performing other duties)."
    Some management people claim they have never heard of such a document. [​IMG]

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